HS Helsinki Strange sight on snow-covered streets: Wolt driver skied to take food to Kallio and some immediately raged

Wolt driver Kasperi Korhonen transported food while skiing in the center of Helsinki on Monday. The sight made passers-by rejoice.

Helsinki covered in snow in the second week of January.

Meanwhile, as motorists scurried surrounded by snow benches and pedestrians slid across the unpolished center, the Wolt driver came up with Kasperi Korhonen a more efficient way to travel in winter conditions.

He decided to carry food while skiing.

“I thought it would be cool to go to the hilarious ski center.”

Korhonen would pull his skis off and left Kruununhaka to ski towards Kallio in Helsinki, where he had chosen a Wolt gig.

“A man ran from one restaurant and asked if he could take a picture.”

Wolt is a food transport service where drivers themselves can choose when and from which restaurant they will take the transport task. Wolt drivers are best identified by the large blue backpack into which the portions to be transported are packed.

“I have to say I’ve never stood at the red traffic lights before on a ski trip.”

Korhonen says that in some passers-by, the Wolt driver skiing aroused hilarity.

“One restaurant ran a man who asked if he could take a picture. On the other hand, they also noticed that others did not care at all, but that Jachah. ”

According to Korhonen, the food was transported effortlessly by skiing, although the hills had to be “flicked” in peace.

For Korhonen, Wolt-carrying is a side job that he does mainly for fitness.

Winter winters despite this, most Wolt drivers use a bicycle or car to transport food. Many drivers are now in trouble, as cycling is impossible on the unpleasant little streets. The car, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to get in the parking lot due to the accumulated snow.

Unfortunately, skiing will soon no longer be possible either, as the city’s streets are already being sanded down at a rapid pace.

The Wolt driver, who was skiing somewhere on the nerves of Finnishness and urbanism, really hit, because pictures of the skiing Korhonen have been widely shared on social media.

“Yes, it’s probably a fun sight for many,” says Korhonen.

He was the first to report on the matter Evening News.


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