HS Helsinki Selling this apartment is a tough task: From the coveted Art Nouveau castle, a luxury cabbage has appeared for sale, the price tag of which is unheard of

The most expensive tower apartment in Munkkiniemi was released for sale. The price of an apartment is completely exceptional in Finland.

Civil War A lavish boarding house built during Munkkiniemi has been converted into luxury apartments. Architect Eliel Saarisen however, its most expensive tower block of nearly 300 square meters was released for sale last Wednesday. It even has a price four million euros.

Part of the reason for the high price of the apartment is the architecture representing Central European Art Nouveau. The common areas of the condominium, which include a wine cellar, a spa area and a gym, also increase the price.

The building is one of Eliel Saarinen’s most recent major projects.

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For a long time During its history, the “Art Nouveau Castle” has functioned as a boarding house, a boarding school, a cadet school, a state education house and a customs school.

The arched windows still offer sea views. Therefore, after the Civil War, the boarding house was a great destination for wealthy city dwellers.

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However, the boarding house only managed to serve its customers for a few years, as the Prohibition Act made the hotel business unprofitable and drove the company into bankruptcy.

The exterior of the colorful guesthouse has remained almost unchanged.

Outside the building has remained almost unchanged, but the interior has been thoroughly renovated in two extensive renovations. In the latter, the “Art Nouveau gem” was converted into about forty apartments that were completed at the beginning of the year.

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One of these luxury apartments is a € 4 million tower apartment with views in every direction. The apartment is exceptionally expensive on a Finnish scale. It costs almost 15,000 euros per square meter.

“The price is completely exclusive,” admits the real estate agent Manna Satuli.

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Pension the most expensive apartment was sold once, at the same time as the other luxury apartments in the building. Saddle cannot comment on the reason why the buyer put the item up for sale so soon.

Selling an exceptionally expensive home can be particularly challenging, and the question arises as to whether it is profitable.

“In these price ranges, you have to be prepared for the fact that selling can take a long time,” says Satuli.

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