HS Helsinki Ritva Remes took a chair support because of the move when a call was made from the city: Six, who had been the center of the family for about 70 years, would be transferred to Senate Square

The Christmas tree in Senate Square will come from Mellunkylä this year. Growing up in the yard of a big beetle family home, the six have been a part of the life of a sibling five for decades.

When The big Christmas tree in Senate Square lights up over the weekend, in Mellunkylä Isopahkalan sibling catarrh is likely to have a tearful restraint.

The end of the house yard tree as the capital’s number one Christmas tree is a stellar moment that ends one era.

“When we moved here in 1953, six were quite small. Now the circumference is more than two meters and the diameter is just over 65 cents. There have to be two people hugging so that their arms reach out, ”he says Ritva Remes.

The family of three had previously lived in Satakunta. They were brought to the capital by their father’s work. Remes was four at the time of the move, big brother Markku Big bunny six and little brother Risto Isopahkala 2 years old. The youngest were born in Helsinki, Yucca and Jorma Isopahkala.

“Now we’re all a spruce plus,” Remes says.

Over the six standing for seventy years have thus been in the lives of the siblings all these years. It’s been a long time since Dad’s death. The mother stayed in a tiny detached house after the children flew out of the nest.

“The household has been such a focal point. We always came to my mother. Six has been a central and significant part of history, ”Remes says.

The yard spruce of the Isopahkala family has always produced a lot of cones.­

As a child and young man, six in the courtyard inspired play and served as a shelter and refuge.

“Of course, as a child, we collected cones. Six has always done them terribly. The ship of the tree has sometimes been quite brown from the swamps of the vine, when the squirrels have been tasting the tree there, ”Remes recalls.

“When we were younger, when we boys had done evil, we climbed up the tree along the spruce branches so that no one could get behind,” says Jukka Isopahkala.

Particularly the important and significant six were according to the children to their mother.

“Mom said it shouldn’t be dumped as long as she lives,” Remes says.

The mother and her new spouse have lived in the house for two of the last 30 years. The mother lived to be 92 years old and her spouse to be 103 years old.

Especially in the last years, when the mother’s legs were no longer functioning properly and the outdoors was difficult, the six offered her a lot of joy. Mom sat by the bedroom window and watched the life-bubbling tree.

“It was his landscape. Because the spruce is so dense and big, it has been inhabited by a lot of animals. In addition to squirrels and small birds, crows, magpies and pheasants, among others. The best of the birds has been the nightingale. There have also been a lot of bunnies and their cavities, ”says Remes.

Three years ago around this time the mother slept away. Since his departure, the old home has served as a common place for the family. Recently, however, the siblings have begun to think about what to do with the plot and its buildings.

“We don’t know about the future. The wood is so huge that at some point it will have to be felled anyway. That’s why we had sometimes talked about giving a spruce to the city, ”Remes says.

“Every time we went to Senate Square to look at the moon, we wondered if our six would be more handsome.”

In the autumn, the matter returned to Remes’ mind. One October morning before ten, he began to wonder if the Senate Square Christmas tree might have already been chosen.

“I started google. However, I couldn’t find any information on anything, so I thought the choice must have already been made. Then suddenly I found a bulletin on the city website looking for Christmas trees. It was released on the same day at 9.07, ”Remes recalls.

“I thought this wasn’t real. I immediately called the number in the bulletin and told a little about our six. I was told to miraculously put six on offer. ”

Remes he reassured his brothers and then set off an email with pictures of the spruce. After that, he remained excited and hopeful to wait.

“A week ago on Tuesday they called. I thought it would be said from there that this didn’t hit you now this time, ”Remes says.

But the caller said that the six-member jury has decided to choose the Isopahkala family spruce for Senator Square.

“Fortunately, there was a chair nearby then. I had not dared to hope so much that our spruce would be chosen. That’s how I hopefully hoped. It’s almost like a miracle that this went that way. For us, spruce access to Senator Square is a bit like winning the lottery, ”says Remes.

“The story of Spruce gets an incredibly valuable and great decision when it’s there for everyone to watch. For us, it’s a big deal. We still wanted to respect mom in this way. Six will be honored. ”

Mnew the siblings agree that a better spruce could not have happened. Gratitude is mixed with gratitude.

“For us, this is a happy start,” says Risto Isopahkala, who has even written a poem in honor of the spruce.

One six from Mellunkylä, Linnanrakentajantie

It’s not brand new anymore

our “mom” Christmas tree

There are five of us “children” in the house

After all, six already knew

Peaceful and free was allowed to grow for over 70 years

It became beautiful and valuable

always dear to us

But everything is rushing sometimes

get a glorious ending

It is a pleasure and an honor to bring a festive spirit to all

To Helsinki Senator Square in 2020

Risto Isopahkala

With siblings there is no precise information on the origin of the spruce. Jorma Isopahkala, the youngest in the children’s cat, has been persistently talking about the American spruce for decades.

FannyAunt lived in Vancouver, Canada. He rarely visited Finland, but it has been said that during one of these visits Fanny would have brought a spruce, ”says Jukka Isopahkala.

No one has proved otherwise, he said, but there are other stories about the origin.

“Those who could tell exactly where the six came from are already upstairs now,” Remes says.

According to Remes, it is clear that six have been received as gifts in any case.

The Christmas tree in Senate Square was selected for the honorable position from among fifty offerers.­

Now the gift goes into circulation. This year, the Christmas tree candidates were the foreman of the City of Helsinki’s construction service Stara Ilkka Keon according to fifty, which is much more than a year ago. Spruce was offered from Vihti, Sipoo and Kirkkonummi.

“It doesn’t bother to go that far. It goes all day, ”says Keko.

Instead, all the spruce teams from Helsinki went for an inspection. According to Keo, four to five of the spruces were such that they could have been thought of as decorating the Senate Square.

“Mellunkylä’s six was the best in terms of transport and still looks nice,” says Keko.

“The spruce you choose should be well-proportioned and fairly bushy. The 20-meter six is ​​already starting to be too long. About 18 meters is a good measure. ”

Candidate set was very variegated in the traditional way, Keko describes. Among them were dicotyledonous, one-sided trees growing in a spruce and few of their old age.

“You can’t put them on the market,” Keko says.

The six big beans will be poured on Friday morning and transported immediately to Senator Square. The tree will receive lighting during the weekend.

“It’s a great moment when the lights shine to the heights in front of that church, yet in the midst of all this gray and darkness and the crown,” Remes says.


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