HS Helsinki Rainwater flowed into the top apartments of a red mountain house to be renovated – The attic developer was surprised by the criticism: “Storm in the water glass”

Last week’s rains passed the weather shelter on the roof of the Red Mountain house. According to the builder, the damage was resolved with fright.

Last a week’s summer storm caused damage to a housing company in renovation in Punavuori.

The rainwater passed through the weather shelter on the roof of the house at Iso Roobertinkatu 41, causing the water to reach the floors of the apartments on the upper floors.

According to the housing association, some apartments also had their roof plastered off and apartment temperatures dropped due to attic ventilation.

The house is under renovation, as seven attic apartments will be built there, ranging in size from 34 to 136 square meters. According to the shortcuts, the apartments have been sold. The price request for the most expensive apartment was 1.5 million euros.

Talon resident Kaj Kalin tells of water entering his apartment through a crack in the roof and dripping to the floor.

The housing association sent a letter to the residents of the upper, ie fifth floor, in which the attic builder was told that he had promised to supply the residents with additional heating equipment equipped with electricity consumption meters.

In addition, residents were offered the option of substitute accommodation, the “reasonable costs” of which would be borne by the attic builder Loftmen Oy. However, it later emerged that there was no need for this, as the apartments did not become uninhabitable in the event of damage.

Kalin says he talked to the building inspector a few weeks earlier and told him he hears drops dripping on the roof at night.

According to Kalin, there was no response, but he later received a letter from the foreman in charge saying that the roof coverings were “visually intact”. It amazed Kalin.

“I feel like I was ignored here.”

Builder CEO of Loftmen Oy Jan Saxénin according to the situation was brought under control last Thursday night. The weather protection was repaired, and in addition, additional protection was installed on the roof.

Saxén says the weather shelter has temporarily failed, but he has no exact information on how that happened. Saxén has not heard that the building inspector has been informed in advance of any leaking weather protection.

The amount of water that reached the floors, he said, was moderate.

“It’s hard to say the number of liters that have come from there, but some buckets. This was a storm in the water glass. ”

The amounts of water have been so small that, according to Saxén, the removal of moisture does not require special measures. According to him, the apartments did not become uninhabitable and, for example, there is no risk of collapse. So residents also don’t have to move out temporarily.

“Of course, proper moisture checks will be done afterwards.”

The renovation schedule for new attics will not be affected by the temporary failure of the weather shelter. The apartments will be completed on time, Saxén says.



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