HS Helsinki | Places familiar to everyone come to life in rare color photos – These 21 photos reveal the enchanting splendor of Helsinki in the past

For the first time, the Helsinki City Museum published a work consisting entirely of color photographs.

In summer In a photo taken in 1970, children look on in their arms as two men make a funny appearance in Kallio’s Bear Park. Young viewers are waiting for the singer Jukka Kuoppamäki appearances, but get an extra joke number.

The picture has been taken Eva Ristaone of the most famous photographers who photographed Helsinki.

The picture of Karhupuisto is one of the new ones in the Helsinki City Museum Helsinki in color pictures – of the images appearing in the work. This is the museum’s first publication consisting entirely of color photographs.

The beginning of the 1960s. Passengers on the roller coaster in Linnanmäki amusement park.

When it’s about photos from the Helsinki City Museum, the viewer expects to see a black and white photo. For example, social media history sites are full of them.

Most of the approximately one million photographs in the city museum are of course black and white, but there are also approximately 150,000 color photographs. Pictures from the 1950s–1970s have been selected for the new work at the City Museum.

“Color photography began to become common in Finland in the mid-1950s. Before that, color films were very expensive, and they had to be sent abroad to the central laboratories of the film manufacturers to be developed”, says Helsinki in color pictures editor of the book Fairy tale Sava.

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“In the 1950s, there were more manufacturers of photographic materials and films were sold that the most skilled photographers could develop themselves.”

Mannerheimintie 61 and the traffic police.

Enthusiasts the photos taken are a significant part of the city museum’s color photo collection.

The reason is that the color preservation of color photographs was not trusted, so the photographers hired by Helsinki generally took black and white photos when documenting the capital. In black and white pictures, the tones were known to last for at least a hundred years.

“The change came in the 1970s, when young photographers came to the house and started using color photography more. After that, both black-and-white and color photos of the same locations were ordered from the city’s photographers,” says Savia.

Enthusiasts’ color photo collections have ended up in the city museum mainly as donations.

Market square, 1950s.

The pictures of hobbyists stand out from the shots of professional photographers of the era, because they had no need to document what they saw. The focus has been on more everyday things than architecture or traffic solutions.

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“There are a lot of random shots from the streets or parties. We have especially included color photographs in our collections that show the city and its change.”

View from Jätkäsaari to Ruoholahti, 1960s.

Pasila, Old Pasila’s Selmanmäki. On the right, Elanto’s store at Hertankatu 15.

Construction of Hämeentie 33, early 1960s.

June 1960, Hämeentie 33 construction site. Katri Vala park is visible on the right.

Torkkelinmäki, residents in 1970.

Taxi drivers on Kalevankatu at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s.

The glass palace in the evening light, 1960s.

Kluuvikatu. In the direction of Hallituskatu, (now Yliopistonkatu). The Heimola house, which is being demolished, can be seen in the background, the turn of the 1960s and 1970s.

Helsinki Olympics 1952. Road cycling, competitors turning from Käpyläntie to Koskelantie.

Rikhardinkatu–Kasarminkatu, 1978.

During May Day, 1960s

The intersection of Meritullinkatu and Rauhankatu, around 1970. Kindergarten children crossing the street with their caregivers.

Circus elephants at Havis Amanda’s fountain in 1974, the town hall on the left. It is apparently a publicity stunt organized by a visiting circus.

Pasila. Children in Elanto’s store, July 28, 1977.

Heavy traffic on the Itäväylä at the Kulosaari bridge, end of the 1960s.

Men walking on the northern edge of Senate Square in 1977, at the foot of the Cathedral’s staircase.

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