HS Helsinki Outdoor enthusiasts get lost right in the heart of Helsinki in Central Park – Signs are how it hurts, and no relief is yet to come

According to the original plan, new signs were to be erected in Helsinki Central Park last year. Better guidance has been desired for years.

Helsinki Central Park is now heavily used as winter weather attracts city dwellers to go outdoors. However, many rappers may go finger to mouth.

Where should I turn next?

Many have to resort to the smartphone map application in the middle of the run, as getting lost in Central Park is easy.

This is due to the lack of proper signposts.

City and Helsinki City Park and Green Area Planning Manager Tiina Saukkonen says that feedback on the lack of guidance has come over the years.

“There are intersections where there are no signs at all. Those who know the area less easily get lost, ”says Saukkonen.

In addition, according to Saukkonen, some of the current signs in Central Park have been vandalized.

“People have twisted them so that they are pointing in the wrong direction.”

Thus, incorrect road signs can only guide already lost joggers deeper into the playground.

Town’s according to the original plan, the renewal of the Central Park signs was to begin in 2020.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the original schedule was delayed.

“Due to the coronavirus, funding for projects in outdoor areas has been reduced,” says Saukkonen.

This year, only the implementation of the mountain bike route and trail bottoms can be made of the Central Park sign project, says Saukkonen.

These changes must be made before new signs can be erected, as the routes must correspond to the new sign plan.

The mountain biking route starts in Laakso, runs through Central Park all the way to Haltialanmetsä and ends at Paloheinä outdoor hut.

The bottom of the trail is made at Pitkäkoski and from there on to field trails, which makes it possible to turn the King’s Dams into walking and cycling all year round.

Currently, there are no winter-friendly walking and cycling routes in the Haltiala and Paloheinä areas, as there is a network of trails in the area. In the new plan, the trails have been instructed so that walking and cycling will also be successful from Niskala in the direction of Torpparinmäki.

New the signs are bipedal, so they can no longer be twisted to show where they are hurting.

The maps of the signs will be in Finnish, Swedish and English.

According to Saukkonen, the erection of the signs will start in the northern part of the Central Park when the city budget receives funding for them.

There is no exact timetable for the completion of the Central Park signposting project yet.


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