HS Helsinki Motorists persevere in a painfully cramped roundabout in Oulunkylä – It will be easier next week, promises the circle designer

The tanker got stuck in a roundabout in front of the Ogel shopping center the other week. Next week, the paving in the middle area will be completed and more space will be added.

OulunkyläÄ the traffic circle under construction in front of the Ogel shopping center has proved to be cramped, especially for large cars.

Lived in Oulunkylä for 37 years at three different addresses Seppo Oja currently lives about a mile from the roundabout. The ditch itself usually runs by bike or on foot, but has noticed how difficult the roundabout is for motorists.

“I’ve seen it slow down when it’s so cramped and the car queue comes in front of the driver behind. You can probably still turn on regular buses, but turning on articulated buses and car trailers could be worth a look. ”

At one time, Oja was on the board of the Oulunkylä Society, so he is used to taking an active stand on changes in his own residential area.

Dike decided to write about poor traffic planning To the audience section of Helsingin Sanomat after last week he heard two road builders swearing at designers with each other.

“I went to Ogel for things and heard the men talking. ‘This is just a jerk thing about how to design ones like this,’ one of them said. I asked what men are really talking about. ”

The builders were intrigued by the kind of roundabout the designers had planned: far too cramped.

“They said the second week the tanker had been stuck in a roundabout.”

The roundabout is not yet complete.

At the roundabout come from four different roads: From the west, Mäkitorpantie ends at a roundabout. Oulunkyläntie runs downhill in the direction of Käpylä. In addition, you will enter the circle from Siltavoudintie and Norrtäljentie.

“It is especially difficult to turn at a roundabout if you drive from Norrtäjentie from above and turn onto Siltavoudintie. Or if you drive from Mäkitorpantie and turn to Norrtäljentie, ”Oja says.

“It’s going to be a devilish place when it comes to snow piling up. The road is narrowing even further. ”

Oulunkylän the roundabout plan was approved in connection with the Raide-Joker light rail on 25 February 2019.

“Raide-Jokeri will go through the junction, and it will bring its own requirements to the design of the junction,” says Helsinki’s traffic and street planning project manager, who was responsible for planning the circle. Ville Reihe.

Reihe says that the congestion of the roundabout during the construction site has also become one of the feedback for Raide-Joker’s communications. On the other hand, there has been no feedback from the roundabout through the City of Helsinki’s communication channels.

Reihe tells motorists the relief news:

“The aim is to complete the paving in the middle of the roundabout next week. It will mainly have a two-meter-wide overpass lane to accommodate larger vehicles to turn around. In some of the junctions, the lane is even wider. ”

During the autumn, paving work will be carried out at the junction, and if the weather permits, the last layer of asphalt will then be laid.

According to the hole attempts have been made to direct long vehicles to a different route during the construction site.

“Efforts have been made to provide the best possible information about the site’s traffic arrangements, but not everyone can be reached. For example, there have been contacts with nearby building construction sites about the site’s traffic arrangements and problems with transportation. ”

Reihe also says that if the circle still turns out to be narrow even after the completion of the stone work in the middle area, repairs must be made.



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