HS Helsinki Motion detectors and door codes didn’t help: Thieves cut off car catalysts in a hall in Itäkeskus

According to HS’s reader’s tip, Itäkeskus Parking House is plagued by several unidentified car damage and thefts in a short period of time. According to the police, catalysts are exported in the entire Helsinki area on average once a night.

Helsingin Sanomat According to a reader ‘s hint, several damage had been done in the parking lot of Itäkeskus Parking House during the last six months.

At least two of these are catalyst thefts committed by the car owner himself in connection with the HS.

The person interviewed by HS appears to be anonymous in the case because he does not want the ongoing police investigation to become more difficult.

Car owner reports a stolen catalytic converter from his car for a short time at a paid rental location. According to the car owner, there are no surveillance cameras in the parking garage, and the first police investigation caused a lack of wires. The reader has not yet been informed of the progress of the second criminal investigation.

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The car owner says he has heard from another tenant about six other acts of damage in the same place during the last six months. HS has not been able to verify this information.

The car park is located along Itäväylä, close to the Itis and Easton shopping centers at Asiakkaankatu 5. It is managed by Realia.

Inspector Janne Viertola The Helsinki police could not comment on the situation of the Itäkeskus Parking House separately. On a general level, he says the house’s rumble numbers sound realistic.

Catalyst thefts occur in large numbers around the city. According to Viertola’s mute feel, they are exported on average once a night in the entire Helsinki area.

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Catalysts are desirable because of the precious metals they contain, and removal from the car is completed in minutes. The lack of surveillance cameras in particular attracts thieves, and according to Viertola, the lack of camera surveillance could also explain the high number of crimes in the Parking House.

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Realian According to Itäkeskus Parking House, there has been vandalism for a long time. Realia says that it has also heard about damages to private property, but is unable to confirm the amounts involved, as they are in principle reported to the police and not to the property manager.

“Along the way, efforts have been made to prevent vandalism by changing the lighting of the object to work with motion detectors and by changing the door codes. There have been discussions in the board of the site about how damage could be prevented, and one of the options discussed has been to increase camera surveillance at the site; the decision on possible progress in this regard will be made by the property board, ”Realia replies by e-mail to HS.

The car owner’s chances of preventing theft themselves are slim. For example, a camera mounted on the dashboard can help but not prevent theft.

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