HS Helsinki Liisa Heinonen has been selling food to workers for almost 50 years – now the historic Food Store is becoming a “village shop”

On the farm of the Food Store Heinonen, which has been operating since 1974, the village store in Töölö will start soon.

Helsinki The traditional food store Heinonen, which has been located on Museokatu for more than 45 years, has closed down.

Since 1974, he has been running on the stone footing of an apartment building Liisa Heinonen gave up trading and retired at the end of last year.

Liisa Heinonen was photographed in her shop in the autumn of 2018.

Food Heinonen’s operations will continue in Töölö Village Store, which is run by Klaus Ittonen and Tiina Pihlajaranta. The new grocery store, which will continue on the premises, intends to maintain the atmosphere of the food store Heinonen’s stone-foot shop.

“The old charm of the store is to be preserved, but we are updating the selection to this day,” Ittonen describes.

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Ittosen According to Töölö, the village store is scheduled to open in early March.

Ittose has no previous experience in running a grocery store. Instead, he currently has a bakery called Helsinki Homemade Bakery on Cygnaeuksenkatu, next to Museokatu.

Ittonen says that he dreamed of running a grocery store for a few years.

“Food Heinonen was a familiar store to me, I went there as a little boy with my grandparents. I was a fourth generation customer there. When I heard that Liisa Heinonen was giving up the store, I contacted the housing association and inquired about the possibility of renting the space to myself. ”

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