HS Helsinki Large Retail space stood empty for years in Kaisaniemi – Property Manager explains how Furniture Store was finally attracted there

The furniture store Jysk opened its store in the autumn on the premises of the former Anttila in Kaisaniemi. Why was the space at the Parade Ground difficult to trade?

Helsinki Kaisa House, located at the Kluuvi Parade Site, finally got a tenant when Huonekaluliike Jysk opened its store last October. Prior to that, the 3,400-square-foot business premises had been vacant for four years, except for temporary use.

Until 2016, Anttila’s department store chain Kodin Ykkönen operated in the retail premises owned by the University of Helsinki. Property Manager Jussi Tuomolan according to him, the lease of the premises was constantly negotiated, but no common ground was found between the partners.

Sometimes it was close to “getting to the finish line”, but then the negotiations broke down for one reason or another, Tuomola says.

The business premises of Kaisa House were empty for four years. This is what the state looked like in January last year.­

The University of Helsinki is not the only property owner in the downtown area that has struggled with the same problems.

“The use of retail space is changing, which is due to online shopping, for example. The rental situation is awkward, and the corona situation that started a year ago did not make things easier, at least, ”says Tuomola.

Furniture store Jyski has 1,200 square meters in use in the building.

According to Jussi Tuomola, both parties were satisfied with the agreement. The university was able to lease the premises for the use it wanted, and Jysk got the store in a central location near the metro station.

“The university has certain financial goals, so it’s not a good situation if you have to keep the premises empty. We are pleased that progress has been made. “

The property still has vacant space for one or two tenants, and contract negotiations for their lease are currently underway.

Before Kodin Ykkö had a clothing retailer in Kaisaniemi 5 Ruben Jaarin founded by the Pukeva fashion department store.

Pukeva went bankrupt in the early 1990s, when the construction work of the University of Helsinki metro station and the recession caused a loss of customers. In 1999, Anttila’s Kodin Ykkönen moved to the address, which operated on the premises until the summer of 2016.

The building underwent a major renovation in 2010–2012. The main library of the University of Helsinki has operated at Kaisa Hall since then.

The Pukeva movement was photographed in Kaisaniemi in the autumn of 1969.­

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