HS Helsinki Kruunuhaka or Kruununhaka, Kasarmintori or Kasarmitori? The nomenclature designer explains why Helsinki place names are always misspelled

Many of the names of Helsinki’s districts are in Swedish, and therefore their spellings often cause a headache. Kruununhaka, for example, is easily misspelled as Kruunuhaka, as its Swedish name is Kronohagen.

Helsinki the name of the school reads at the door of the Kruununhaa secondary school in the oldest district – although one letter is exhausted. Namely, the door reads Kruunuhaa junior high school.

The school name is spelled correctly on the school website.

Rector of Kruununhaa Secondary School Jani Puurula says that misspellings were already noticed last fall when signage plans were revised. However, the misspelled name of the district ended up at the school door.

“It’s probably been some kind of broken phone phenomenon. I have been recently in connection with farm director, and I was informed that the spelling is corrected in the near future, “says Puurula.

Helsinki city ​​nomenclature designer Johanna Lehtonen answers questions about neighborhood names in the work. According to Lehtonen, Kruununhaka is a typical example of an often overlooked extra n in the name of a district.

He thinks that the Swedish name of Kruununhaka, Kronohagen, is relevant.

“After all, the Swedish name is the original name of the area and it has been in use since the 1750s. Helsinki’s place names in general have originally been in Swedish, ”says Lehtonen and continues:

“It is possible that it alone will inherit a certain dichotomy, because Swedish has been spoken in Helsinki for a very long time. One would think that many people are familiar with the name Kronohagen. ”

Kronohagenin The Finnish version did not become the official name of the district until 1959, when a district system was created in Helsinki.

Before 1959, the districts of Helsinki only had numbers. Kruununhaka is the number one district, the oldest core in Helsinki. There are currently 59 districts in Helsinki.

Coincidentally, Kruununhaka did not become a Finnish name: it was once the pasture of the crown, ie the horses of the Royal Swedish army.

“It has been a crown-owned pasture, a crown hook. Then, when you realize that the area originally belonged to the crown, you understand the spelling of the name. ”

Crown hook is by no means the only district in Helsinki whose orthodox spelling can cause a headache. Similarly, the name of the smaller area is, for example, Barracks Market, the spelling of which may also be unclear to many.

The correct spelling is Barracks Market.

“The name is already on the 1866 map. That has been the way of the time. ”

Then, of course, there is the eternal theme of the people of Helsinki: Töölö. Instead of Töölö, some people say they are heading At work.

Why do you see the name Töölö bent in two ways?

“It’s often seen to bend a bit like that Thailand – Thailand. It’s really wrong, but it’s also kind of playing with language, and it shouldn’t be taken unnecessarily seriously, ”Lehtonen laughs.

The use of the name also strongly shows the Swedish influence, once again.

“According to an article in the language clock, in the colloquial language of Helsinki, the district has long been called Work, in which case it is bent accordingly At work. Of course it is not, but it is a phrase widely used in colloquial language. ”


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