HS Helsinki In the yard of the former Midwifery College, a midwife was curving a taxi who did not know about closing the place – Instead of doctors, they encountered a TV crew present

It has happened and happened at the former Midwifery College in recent days. First, the text “Porvoo Hospital” unexpectedly appeared on the wall of the college, then snow and a TV crew came to the yard. To top it all off, a couple who was going to give birth came there.

“First my reaction was that this is a May Day-related teaspoon. ”

That’s what the Helsinki resident thought Roby Mountrakis, when he cycled past Kumpula Midwifery College Hospital on Monday.

The text “Porvoo Hospital – Borgå sjukhus” had appeared in front of the building, which had been empty for years. There was also mounds of snow in front of the sign, even though the spring sun had melted the snow from elsewhere in the immediate area.

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