HS Helsinki In Myllypuro there is a destroyed sign for the menus: All other cloaks have been destroyed except for the arrow facing the ore

Signs have been destroyed from the signpost during the autumn. The city is planning to install even stronger signs.

17.11. 14:17

In Myllypuro stands a sad looking sign.

At the intersection of the light traffic lane leading to the mill road and the underpass, a signpost pushes, from which someone has destroyed almost all the signs.

Only the cape pointing to Malmi has been left intact.

Next to it is another pole, the cloak of which points towards Malmi.

Signs encounter vandalism occasionally. At times, the signs are twisted to annoy passers-by in the wrong directions.

Helsinki city ​​street team team manager Tarja Myller says that vandalism of signage is not very common.

“Of course, the areas may be different. In some areas, there may be more vandalism per region. That is an unfortunate case, ”Myller refers to the Myllypuro pole.

According to Myller, the city’s traffic planning is currently planning the renewal of cycling signs for the entire Helsinki area.

“There will be more signs. They also become much stronger. Let’s hope no vandalism happens then, ”Myller says.

Adjacent signs tell you where Malmi is, but nothing else is left.­


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