HS Helsinki “I would be looking for an old trench” – Dog owners frightened the ban on animals at the shelters, which could lead to unusual acts in a crisis situation

Animals must not be taken to shelters. The exception is guide dogs, which by law have the right to move anywhere with their user. The ban on other animals got their loved ones on their toes.

When pet owner Elina Sahlbom heard familiar that pets are not allowed in the shelter, he was horrified.

“I couldn’t leave that dog home, it’s like a family member to me.”

Elina Sohlbom is not alone in her thoughts.

HS said in a statement released Wednesday in the storythat pets are not allowed in the shelters under any circumstances. That’s when many pet owners yelled.

On social media, many people preferred to stay in their own apartment with a pet in an emergency.

That’s what Sahlbom thinks. He lives with two Sulo dogs in an apartment building in Kiviko, Helsinki. Sulo is most important to him right after the children and grandchildren.

Sahlbom has been talking about protection for a person who was previously the civil protection officer for a housing association. He told Sahlbom that they had been advised in training that pets should be allowed into the wild.

“I have a little poodle like this, it would die there right away!”

Ministry of the Interior specialist in the rescue department Jarkko Häyrinen says that according to current guidelines, animals are not allowed into the wild, but are left in the dwelling with food and drink.

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According to Häyrinen, laws or regulations do not directly prohibit the introduction of animals into civil shelters. In practice, animals must not be taken into shelters, because the protection of the population is primarily the protection of the population, that is, of humans.

“Guide dogs are an exception to the rule. They always have access to civil protection with the people they help. ”

Häyrinen thinks that in some cases other exceptions can be made to the rule.

“Perhaps in some small condominiums, at least in theory, it might be possible to agree between residents if no one had anything against pets and there was plenty of room for civil protection.”

Pet Owner Checklist for Emergencies:

  • For emergencies, set aside household items for your pet, such as dry food.

  • Make sure you have enough water in your home and a travel drink cup.

  • Reserve pet supplies and a heat source, such as a blanket, for your pet.

  • Keep your veterinary papers, care instructions and shipping box available.

  • If you leave yourself, protect your pet indoors, such as in an apartment.

  • It is a good idea to trim the interior so that it is as safe as possible for your pet.

  • Check, for example, that the electricity and / or air conditioning is switched off.

  • Leave the written care instructions, contact information and marking on the front door.

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SOURCE: SEY Finnish Organization for Animal Welfare

About pets however, there must be no harm in protecting people. So the main rule is that the pet stays in the apartment.

Jarkko Häyrinen reminds that even if a pet is left in an apartment, it does not mean that it will not be available for weeks at all. The stay in the shelter is only intended to be temporary.

Leaving Elina Sahlbom alone in the apartment for a short time is questionable.

“It feels awful to think about how that dog would be afraid alone. This is a lap dog that was already afraid of rockets in the new year. ”

However, Sahlbom says he understands that dogs cannot be taken to shelter based on size.

“It can’t be that someone should bring it, but another can’t.”

Would be possible to set up special shelters suitable for pets?

Bringing different pets to the same place could cause fuss between them. For this reason, among others, Häyrinen, a specialist, is not in favor of animal shelters.

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“Then it would only be a hulabaloo.”

Location could also be a problem.

“If you think about a situation where a warning sign is heard. There would be no time to leave Espoo for Vantaa if the animal shelter was there. ”

Vibrant recalls that civil protection is not the only way to protect people. As in Ukraine, people in a war situation are trying to move to safer areas.

In addition, people would be provided with temporary shelters, as during previous wars.

“At that time, for example, pits were dug in the Esplanadi Park, where walls and a roof were made of logs. Land was put on top. ”

The land pit has also been in Elina Sahlbom’s mind.

“I live next to the forest and there are old trenches. If it weren’t for the winter, I might go to the woods and look for an old trench there. ”

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