HS Helsinki “I had never experienced anything like that before” – Sara Tuomainen crashed a bike violently on Helsinginkatu, the reaction of her fellow people surprised her completely

Sara Tuomainen crashed a bike sharply last week on Helsinginkatu. The reaction of strangers completely surprised him.

Helsinki residents sometimes criticized as cold and indifferent to their fellow human beings. The hefty capitals don’t care about the community and don’t help the unknown in need.

Sara Tuomainen Last week’s experience in Alppiharju is one indication that the perception of the indifference of the people of Helsinki is not correct in all respects.

Tuomainen was cycling towards Helsinginkatu towards Töölö when he dodged a motorist in the direction of the walkway. The bike tire blunted into the pavement, which led to a fall.

When he fell, he executed himself worse once. Both Tuomainen’s elbows, palms, entire left hand and right foot opened.

“I was on my way right away, even though I had all the blood.”

Immediately after the wound, another cyclist stopped to help and provided Tuomainen with water to clean his wounds. Next, another passer-by also stopped and rushed to the adjacent R-kiosk to pick up paper and water to clean the wounds.

“Then came the R-kiosk, I don’t know if he was the owner of the kiosk, but an English-speaking man.”

“I also said that yes I can go for a ride. He said that now inside that. They need to be taken care of properly and stressed that they will help. ”

Tuomainen went to wash his wounds in the back room of the kiosk and a kiosk worker helped disinfect and cover the wounds. Meanwhile, another of the kiosk vendors watched his bike.

An employee of the kiosk still offered Tuomainen buns and coffee and straightened his twisted bike in the event of a fall.

Tuomainen was surprised by the abundant help he received.

“I had never experienced anything like it before. It’s rare to really be taken care of. ”

“They were super considerate and nice and helped to the end. I have not experienced how the kiosk employees behaved in Finland. ”

Tuomainen says that often people will believe if they say they are okay. However, a person in shock may not realize that it has now gotten worse.

“I’ve noticed that there is such a mass effect in Helsinki when there are a lot of people, so we think someone else will help though.”

“Help like that should be normal, but it’s not.”



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