HS Helsinki Historically bad bike path finally repaired in eastern Helsinki: “It was a terrible laundry board”

A 20-kilometer-long popular cycle path runs between Itäkeskus and Söderkulla. Now it is coated smooth and no longer causes rumble and headaches.

Helsinki A scenic bike path runs from Itäkeskus to Sipo Söderkulla. For a long time it was in poor condition, but now it has been fixed.

Mellunmäkeläinen Leif Grip says that while riding the bike path, it felt like walking on an old-fashioned clothesline. There were transverse cracks every meter.

“It became a headache when it rumbled. I had to get up to stand on the pedals so that the vibration didn’t come straight to my brain, ”Grip says.

Grip has curiously followed the progress of repairs in the Vartioharju area.

Master of paving Matti Hämäläinen The ELY Center says that the repaired road is 20 kilometers long. It runs along the Eastern Passage under Ring Road III and continues to the Sipoo side up to Söderkulla.

According to Hämäläinen, the coating is already largely complete.

“Next week the edges will still be filled, but now you can already drive smooth.”

The bike path used to be in poor condition, although the route is very popular.

“It had a lot of cross-breaks. Also known as frost breaks, ie frosts caused by frost on the asphalt, ”Hämäläinen explains.

The cycle path from Itäkeskus to Söderkulla is now in good condition.



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