HS Helsinki Helsinki did not have time to mark the rows of trees as important – Rakennusliike felled trees favored by flying squirrels in Helsinki’s value area

The residents of the apartment building in Taka-Töölö were disappointed when trees were felled from the neighboring plot in the way of the new house. The city was about to define the trees as the core area of ​​the flying squirrel, but the builder had time to fell them before the information was passed on.

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Milka Rissanen HS


Rear worker the residents of the apartment building are upset. The poplar tree line in the courtyard of Merikannontie 3 has become a stick of contention after flying squirrels were spotted in the trees.

Old poplar trees grow on both sides of the boundary between the courtyard of the apartment building and the plot of land behind it, which has not been built yet.

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