HS Helsinki | Floral shirt, Jordan shoes and a dress with tattoos: style is important at the Kitunleija festivals

At Suvilahti’s Vitunleija festival in Helsinki, rap music will be playing over the weekend. On Friday, a group of uniquely dressed festival-goers defied the weather.

Helsinki A two-day Vitunleija festival will be organized in Suvilahti this weekend, where a spectacular line-up of domestic and Swedish rap artists will perform.

The peculiar name comes from the Vitunleiija clothing brand, which has also expanded its activities to music festivals.

The first day of the festival, Friday, was aimed at adults, but minors can also attend the festival on Saturday.

If the group of rap artists is spectacular, the same can be said about the festival guests. On Friday, the cold Finnish summer was defied by young people dressed in a very personal way.

Helsingin Sanomat presents the strictest styles and their wearers.

Theo Ihonen: “This is my basic set, so there is no special investment. I just put this on. The hoodie is By Jose Wong designed by They just arrived in Finland and I got one of the first ones. I’m a colorful guy, but I don’t think too much about what to wear. I’m just trying to fit in with the environment.”

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Viveka Loukola (left): “We have dressed a little according to the weather. You can show a little of the surface, but not be completely naked. We came here to raise haippii.”

Iina Linnovaara: “This is the Vitunleija festival outfit, i.e. practical but showy.”

Linnea Loukola : “We are from Turku. We came to be charmed by Stad and Swedish rappers!”


Maria Kyllönen (left): “This style comes from the Kitkat nightclub in Berlin, where I’ve been: really open, short and revealing. The dress matches my tattoos.”

Alexandra Agareva: “I also wanted the tats to be visible. This outfit is classy, ​​but the style is free. A little spicy, i.e. fiery, but still leaves a mystery in the air.”


Ryan Chef: “Black feels good to wear nice clothes. I especially like Boss’ clothes and Jordan 4 shoes. I now have a Fossil watch on my wrist. Some months I spend 300–400 euros on clothes, some months less.”

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Henni Huttunen: “This is an alternative style that I have taken inspiration from Tiktok. It has a mix of manga and goth. Accessories are important to me: rings, crosses and safety pins.”


Jasmin Saarto (right): “I usually try to match each other, but still stand out. I have black pants and a white shirt, Sara has the opposite.”

Sara Udelius (left): “I’m not a compulsive shopper, but I spend quite a lot of money on clothes, even though I buy a lot from flea markets. Favorite brands are Cucci and Louis Vuitton.”


Toni Tirkkonen: “My style is that I try things that others don’t see. I bought this floral shirt from the Asos online store, the velvet cap is a flea find. I have been a student for three years, so the money is not too much. That’s why I often buy used clothes. Usually, I always have something on that catches others’ eyes, even if it’s just special socks. I’m studying building engineering and quite often I hear that I don’t look like a basic engineer.”

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