HS Helsinki Do you notice a small but decisive error in the corona mask of the classic statue of the Railway Station? “I immediately reported the matter to VR”

The stonemasons of Helsinki Central Station have shown the townspeople a model in the use of masks since August.

Nokia Eeva Talvikallio visited Helsinki in late October. On the way home, at Helsinki Central Station, the gaze turned to the Lantern Carriers sculptures that had been wearing face masks.

In one statue, the mask had swelled under his nose.

“I immediately reported the matter to VR,” Talvikallio says.

Feedback left on October 26th.

Face masks it is recommended to keep on the face so that both the nose and the mouth are covered.

According to Talvikallio, the fact that the mask on VR’s statues is wrong on the face is a potentially dangerous mistake.

“Someone might be mistaken that it’s like an alternative way to keep the mask around,” Talvikallio thinks.

“Even the news often shows people wearing the mask wrong. It doesn’t protect anything if your nose isn’t covered. ”

The face mask on the statue’s face had not yet been repaired by Friday.

VR: n communications manager Mira Linnamaa is aware of the feedback and the problem.

“We are putting Christmas lights on the main train station in the next few days, and at the same time the position of the mask will be corrected,” Linnamaa says.

VR installed face masks on the faces of the statues in August when the government issued the first mask recommendation for public transport.

“On the very first day, we put masks on the stonemasons and distributed the masks at the station,” Linnamaa says.

“We’ve received a lot of really good feedback on that.”

One of the Lantern Carriers at the train station is setting a bad example.­


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