HS Helsinki Discouraging sight at the mall: First, signs were erected prohibiting the drinking of alcohol – then a group of men came under them as slaves to their habits to drink

The look of the Pihlajamäki shopping center with its alcohol-consuming groups has long spoken to the residents of the area. Last Friday, signs prohibiting the consumption of alcohol were installed in front of the mall.

Pihlajamäki part of the mall, completed in 1970, received signs on the mall square last Friday prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in the area.

Grown in Pihlajamäki Onni-Oskari Hakala published Pihliksen’s bulletin board in a Facebook group called a recent picture of posting signs.

The next day, Hakala updated the group with a new picture, in which a familiar group drinking alcohol is sitting on the benches of the square. The picture also shows the guards.

It can therefore be concluded from the picture pair that the signs have had little effect.

Hakala knows many members of the gang over the years, called.

“A lot of them are basically good guys. They are people too, but they may have a story behind them that not everyone knows. Personally, I think they are somehow misunderstood. ”

According to Hakala, the signs could have been erected as early as the 1980s.

“Problems like this should be solved in some other way. Even if a new mall is built on the site, the cost will not get any better as long as people feel bad. ”

One of the signs installed on the buyer.­

Also Managing Director of Pihlajamäen Ostoskeskus oy Sari Kahri is well aware of the annoyances plaguing the mall. The mall is visited daily by guards to remove alcohol users sitting on benches from the area.

According to Kahr, the goal is that diligent patrols by guards would reduce alcohol use in the property area.

“It’s pretty hard to address the problem. One way would be for Pihlajamäen Ostoskeskus oy and Pihlajamäen Liiketalo oy to hire a security guard who would be present 24 hours a day. The costs are high. ”

Is there also no cost to the guards visiting several times a day?

“Yes, there are costs as well. For example, the benches in the square have had to be replaced. It is not necessarily these people who sit on the benches that break them, but some break them down from time to time, ”Kahri says.

Kahrin according to the data, the benches of the square are often seated by the same people who know the guard. When a guard asks them to leave the scene, they usually move to the nearby steps of the church and return after the guard leaves.

Kahri emphasizes that the phenomenon mainly affects the entrepreneurs working in the shopping center.

“Unfortunately, going to summer time in particular can be pretty wild.”


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