HS Helsinki Director Dome Karukoski in a severe accident in Helsinki Central Park: “I’m investigating the phone to see what day is right today”

“I would hardly be talking here if I hadn’t had a helmet,” Karukoski says.

6.8. 12:03 | Updated 6.8. 13:08

Supervisor Dome Karukoski says that it may be that without a cycling helmet, he might not even be reporting his cycling accident on Thursday.

Karukoski was cycling with his son in Helsinki Central Park.

“I took it a little too daring, I wasn’t so sharp. The bike stayed put and the man flew over, ”says Karukoski.

Karukoski sat for a while and noticed that he was bleeding from his clothes. At that point, though, he didn’t assume anything more serious had happened.

He set out to leash the bike about a mile to Haartman Hospital.

“I replied in the hospital Finnish style that everything is fine. ”

The doctor pointed out to Karukoski that his cycling helmet had cracked. And it wasn’t quite small. Karukoski now has seven stitches in his jaw, a tomography picture was taken of him in the hospital and he was kept under surveillance for five hours before he got home. At home, he was given triangular medications for pain and instructed to observe his condition. According to the tomography image, everything is fine in the head.

“At first, I didn’t remember anything about the whole week. I’m researching the phone to see what day it is. It was an interesting observation how the memories mixed. ”

The doctor told Karukoski that it is typical that the memory can go away.

On Friday morning, Karukoski remembers the previous days, but on Monday he still doesn’t remember anything.

“Maybe Monday has been such a boring day,” Karukoski already laughs on the phone.

Karukoski has tweeted from his accident. At first he wondered if he would do so, but then he thought it could be a lesson for all cyclists and even those who go on an electric kickboard.

In his tweet, Karukoski urged him to wear a cycling helmet if he is not from the planet Krypton. Krypton is Superman’s imaginary home planet.

He also thanked the staff at HUS Haartman Hospital.

“I myself have sometimes ridden without a cycling helmet. How stupid it has been. The worst thing that came to my mind was that I am a father of young children and fortunately I survived without a brain injury. ”

Karukoski ponders that some people may not wear a helmet because of vanity.

“Man is a useless animal. The helmet on the head may feel clumsy and think it looks weird. ”

Karukoski takes over now at ease. Admittedly, he says he took the whole summer calmly after many years of hard work.

“After all, I had to live in England, where I’ve practically been for the last four years. However, there are jobs in London and Los Angeles, in the United States. ”

Korona changed Karukoski’s plans as well and she has been in Helsinki.

“I can write and develop ideas here.”

Karukoski is a director who has won two Jussi Awards. His films are Girl you are a star, Home of dark butterflies, The Forbidden fruit, the heroes of the Arctic Circle, Lion heart, The apostate and Tom of Finland.

Karukoski has also had an international career. Hollywood production Tolkien was premiered in 2019. He has also directed a six-part British thriller The Beast must Die, with Finnish actors Elina in Knihtilä played a small role.



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