HS Helsinki A new tenant with several well-known restaurants in the city will join the historic restaurant island off Helsinki

The City of Helsinki leased the island of Klippan with its buildings to the Russian Room company.

Helsinki The new tenant of the summer restaurant on the island of Luoto, Klippan, is the A & S Restaurants and the Russian Room Ltd company behind it.

The company won a tender organized by the City of Helsinki.

To the lease also include the building’s courtyard and courtyard sauna.

The lease is valid until further notice. The City of Helsinki has the first opportunity to terminate the agreement at the end of June 2025.

A & S Restaurants has several restaurants in Helsinki, the most famous of which is the Russian-influenced Saslik.

Other places in the company are Saari, Saaga, Savotta, Samovar and Savu.

With clippings has been a restaurant business since 1899. However, the island’s first restaurant building burned down the following year.

The current restaurant was completed in May 1901. It is almost 1,100 square meters in size.

Klippa and its buildings have been owned by the City of Helsinki since 1936.

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Klippan aka Luoto is located in front of Helsinki’s South Harbor.



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