HS Helsinki A Neris dog carrying “shockingly large” spears in his mouth arouses disbelief all over Töölö – “He is really hardworking”

A special cane gallery appeared in Temple Square Park. The gallery is based on a year-long contract for a Neris dog from Töölö.

Temple Square In the park in Etu-Töölö, a slightly different art gallery has been admired since last week.

A row of sticks appeared in the park last Wednesday night. Next to the stick line is a sign: Stick gallery.

What is it about?

“He has really diligently complained about sticks from the immediate vicinity of Töölö to home – usually shockingly large, ”says the curator of the exhibition Kiia Beilinson.

He refers to the artist himself – in this case Beilinson’s Neris dog.

Neris has used to carry piles of sticks from the loops to the backyard gate. Beilinson wondered where they should be put.

“The carrying effect also sparked amusement among fellow travelers. I thought that when they’re so great, I’ll put them in the backyard of our house on a wall that others can admire. “

However, someone carried the sticks off the top of the wall as Neris collected them along the streets of Helsinki.

“At some point last fall, I decided to start taking them to the basement for safety so we could put the gallery up properly somewhere.”

“We just moved. In connection with the move, we decided that now is the high time to put the gallery on display, after collecting these sticks for a year here. Yes, they had to be carried by muscle. ”

Neris dog and cane collection in the basement safe. PICTURE: KIIA BEILINSON / READER PICTURE

Temple Square the cane gallery is meant to be temporary and you can take your favorite canes with you.

“Just yesterday we went to the place with the artist himself and a large part of them have already disappeared from there. Apparently it has been pleasant. ”

“The presentation sheet has stayed in place well and at least yesterday there were still sticks on display.”

Neris is a homeless dog rescued from Romania through the Kulkurit Association at the age of five months. Now four-year-old Mixed Breed Neris came to Beilinson in 2017.

“He’s had a bit of a tough year behind him. We’ve been to the vet a lot and he’s been treated for pain that has only recently been discovered. ”

“Now there is still a move ahead, so let’s see how it goes. He has been in Grandma’s during the renovation and moving, so now it has been a good boogie. ”

Beilinson says that Neris is a sensitive dog because of his background, who is suspicious of unknown dogs and people.

“He’s also had an interest in stones from an early age. Rotating them may have little to do with this social anxiety he has.”

So maybe the stone gallery is coming next?

“Not hopefully. Yes, I collected them at some point, but it was a bit heavier then. There has not always been a pocket with these stones. ”

“But let’s see later,” Beilinson adds.

The stick gallery is identified by this sign. PICTURE: KIIA BEILINSON / READER PICTURE



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