HS Helsinki A huge limousine travels around Helsinki, and the bachelor parties renting it always repeat the rattle ritual in the middle of Pohjoisesplanadi

A car revolves around Helsinki, where you can celebrate like a superstar. The five-ton Hummer has been a continuation for many in the coronary pandemic after the closure of nightclubs.

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Luxlimousine’s sensible Hummer cost 150,000 euros. “This was a bit like a sequel when the bars closed early,” says driver Favio Sileoni.

Jose Riikonen

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Arkadiankadun A car looks like a white sea monster in front of Alko. It is over ten meters long and weighs 5,000 pounds. The chrome shines at the tip of the lotja.

Step out of the car Favio Sileoni. He is our guide to a special world today.



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