HS Helsinki A covertly personal beer restaurant was opened in the heart of Helsinki – Then the entrepreneur experienced a special stalemate with Google

The small brewery boom in the city center continues: Now a restaurant with two Swedish small breweries has opened in Kaivopiha.

Helsinki several restaurants owned by small breweries have entered the center in recent years.

At the upper end of Kaisaniemenkatu, there is a concentration of bars offering small brewery beers: Juova Hanahuone, Sortavala and Sori Tap Room. Next to them is also the beer restaurant Kaisla.

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Another concentration of small breweries has been created in Kaivopiha, where Fat Lizard and Ruosniemi Brewery serve their beers. In addition, there is Kitty’s Public House in the adjacent City Hallway.

Now the restaurant Barski has opened in Kaivopiha.

Barski is a special case in that the shareholders are the Swedish small breweries Brewski and Friends together with a Finnish restaurant entrepreneur, Michael “Mickey” Nymanin with.

Nyman has previously become known as the organizer of the Beer Expo and Kippis festivals.

According to him, small breweries are in practice forced to set up their own restaurants, otherwise they will not get enough visibility.

“Restaurants in big chains don’t easily give their beer taps to small operators,”

In addition, the small brewery has had difficulty getting its products on Alko’s shelves.

The interior design of Barsk shows a nature theme: the paintings draw their inspiration from the moss and the shades of the lamps from the hop plant. The tables are made of one oak support.

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Helsingborg breweries have come to Finland to seek growth in the Finnish market. Barski is a showcase for the beers of Brewski and Friends that Nyman brings to the country.

“I met the founder of Brewski Marcus Hjalmarsson In Portugal at festivals when I was promoting Pyyniki beers. Their showcase was a couple of counters away from us, so we ended up talking, ”Nyman recalls.

About Nyman and Hjalmarsson quickly became good friends, and Nyman was invited to Brewski’s own beer festival, Brewskival, in Helsingborg. There was already one Barski bar in the city.

The idea of ​​starting to import into Finland and opening at least one Barski bar was born. Barski bars are also planned to open in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen in the future.

Hjalmarsson has a love for Finland, as his father is Finnish.

In addition to beers, Barsk’s selection will also include wines and Asian stuffed rolls, Bao buns.

Nyman has designed and built most of its restaurants itself. Only the toilets and partitions are built by the property.

Barski opened his doors in complete silence. No big opening has been held so far.

“First, I wanted to make sure all the core issues were working for sure. I have had bad experiences organizing beer festivals: while people have come in, the cash register systems, for example, have collapsed. ”

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There are 48 customer seats inside in Barsk and a terrace of another 30 seats will rise outside Kaivopiha after the weather has warmed up.

The bar is on a busy transit route, and Nyman’s business idea is to offer after-work beers and Asian-inspired snacks for those returning from work.

There are 24 beers on tap, and right now they only have Brewski and Friends beer.

“There will be a lot of other brands later on, especially the beers I bring to the country from around the world.”

Because Barski is a showcase for the beers acquired by Nyman, he is careful that the drinks remain of good quality. The solution is special, and Nyman wants to show it.

We take the elevator down to the service tunnel for the Kaivopiha companies. There is a white cold room next to the lift. Nyman opens the door, and inside reveals the beer equipment, which is maintained at refrigerator temperature.

“When the beers leave the brewery in Sweden on Monday, they will be on sale here on Friday.”

Mikki Nyman presents the beer cold storage room in the Kaivopiha service tunnel.

Although the restaurateur Nyman has kept the threads tightly in his own hands, so his skills are not enough for everything either. The entrepreneur found himself in a special stalemate with a digital giant, Google.

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Many restaurant detectors will seize Google’s map service to find their destination. Nyman’s problem was that the search engine didn’t really understand the location of his restaurant, Kaivopihaa.

“Google is spotting the street address, Mannerheimintie 3, even at Stockmann. After all, Facebook and Instagram immediately showed the location correctly, ”Nyman wonders.

“But now we’ve got the situation fixed.”

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