HS Helsinki 16-year-old girl captures a sad vision in Lauttasaari: A hedgehog that ate the corner of a plastic bag died next to a metro station

Hedgehogs have woken up from their hibernation. Since there is little food available for them, such as insects, on the move yet, they seek out the proximity of human food waste.

Hedgehog experienced a tragic fate next to Lauttasaari metro station on May Day.

The animal had found a transparent bag of fruit, eaten its corner, and apparently suffocated.

The dead hedgehog was found by a 16-year-old girl on her school trip. He estimates that the hedgehog did not have time to be dead for long.

The metropolitan area President of the Association for the Protection of Animals Nella Muurinen know the dangers of hedgehogs. The worst of these is traffic.

“Often when a hedgehog gets under a car, it’s damage. Drivers will not see the hedgehog crossing the road in time. ”

Dogs and rat traps, for example, can also be the fate of hedgehogs.

“When there isn’t very much food in nature yet, the food in rat traps attracts them. It is the responsibility of the gear setter to prevent other animals from entering them. “

Muurinen estimates that in the case of Lauttasaari, there have been residues of food in the plastic bag. That, in turn, has attracted the hedgehog to the food.

The saddest situations are those in which hedgehogs are intentionally injured. According to the walled experience, not only young people and children, but also adults can be involved.

Last winter was good for the hedgehogs: snow and frost ensured that the hedgehogs remained in their winter hibernation. The previous winter, on the other hand, was almost a nightmare for hedgehogs.

“The snow was not shelter for dormant nests, nor was it frost. Therefore, the water flowed directly into the nests and raised the hedgehogs from their hibernation in the middle of winter, ”says Muurinen.

This spring, the hedgehogs have woken up from their sleep normally around April. They can sleep in people’s yards, for example, under a terrace or playhouse.

The hedgehog’s front leg was trapped in a rat trap. The leg was badly swollen and feared to be broken. However, at the vet, the foot was found to be intact and the hedgehog was given permission to return to nature.­

From the wall it is gratifying that in many people hedgehogs evoke a certain kind of shelter.

“Hedgehogs can be offered, for example, grain-free and fish-free wet cat food. It is necessary because the weather is still changing. In the event of night frosts, hedgehogs must not be allowed to dig up insects or other food. ”

In recent years, a bowl of milk or similar was left in the yard for hedgehogs. However, under no circumstances should hedgehogs drink milk. Their body is unable to break down lactose.

“It is also unnecessary to give lactose-free dairy products to hedgehogs. Instead, you can give water without worries, ”says Muurinen.

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