HS Helsinki 10 days before the end of the Winter War Antti Henttonen experienced something tragic – Now the man known as the father of the Hymy statue tells of a stopping moment on the front

We lived Early 1950s in Helsinki. Teachereditor-in-chief of the magazine at that time Antti Henttonen got the idea.

He suggested that there be a competition for “good companionship” among schoolchildren. Finland lived in the post-war years of reconstruction, and Henttonen thought that the competition would take its toll.

“Back then, there was an effort to improve people’s behavior. They wanted to avoid discord and reduce fights, ”Henttonen says in a telephone interview.

The award for “good companionship” was ready: Smiling boy-statue.

Student fund associations representative of the support association Pentti K. Vilppula had gotten the idea of ​​using a smiling statue in a fundraiser for children in low-income homes. Sculptor Heikki Nieminen (1926–2016) had formulated the first Smile boy in 1953.

Antti Henttonen suggested About the smiley boy among schoolchildren Good companionship competition –award. The proposal was supported and the project was implemented. First Smiling boy was distributed in 1954.

Since then, Antti Henttos has been kept by schoolchildren Smileas the father of the race.

Antti Henttonen hopes that the “race of good fellowship” will be extended to workplaces in addition to schools.

Thursday On March 3, 2022, Antti Henttonen turned 100 years old. He spent his birthday at his home in Munkkivuori, Helsinki. Henttonen has lived in the same apartment for 62 years.

Four generations came together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the hero of the day. In addition to the congratulations, 20 flower arrangements found their way to the party.

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The wife of the pension company, for whom Henttonen has become dear, also remembered the flower device Arja Suursalo-Henttonen laughs on the phone. Henttonen, who at the time received the title of teaching counselor, retired Teacheras editor-in-chief of the magazine in 1984.

According to Arja Suursalo-Henttonen, considering her advanced age, Antti Henttonen is a brisk man. From time to time, however, Arja Suursalo-Henttonen acts as her husband’s memory and hearing – partly as part of this telephone interview.

Smilestatues in the background is the development center Opinkirjo.

The curriculum’s website tells the anecdote of a message by sculptor Pentti K. Vilppula Smiling girl birth to editor-in-chief Antti Henttonen:

“Number. Hym. Yst. Editor – in – Chief. It is my pleasure duty to ask you to be a godfather again. Now she has become a girl. ”

Smiling boys and Smiling girls Over the decades, more than 400,000 have been distributed in Finnish schools. This spring, a sculptor will be distributed alongside them for the first time. Jarmo Vellosen gender neutral Smile statue.

Today, there are three Smile statues: Smiley Boy, Smiley Girl and Gender Neutral Smile. The textbook hopes that the person who received the most votes in the Smile vote will be able to decide for himself which sculpture he would like as a prize.

According to Arja Suursalo-Henttonen, the fact that the winner is decided by schoolmates is essential in the competition.

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“It is important that students vote and that the teacher is not allowed to influence the choice. That is the beginning of democracy. ”

Antti Henttonen says he is “involved in the leadership of the statue operation and as a forerunner in the race for good fellowship”.

It has been suggested that the statue competition be extended to workplaces in addition to school and learning communities. Antti Henttonen supports the idea:

“It would be very desirable. It would be a competition for a good co-worker, ”he says.

“Friendship and good companionship are important things. We still have too many disagreements today. People should learn more to create and move towards common goals. ”

Speaking about democracy, Arja Suursalo-Henttonen also highlights the merits of her husband Antti Henttonen during the time when primary school was born in Finland.

Especially in the 1960s, there was a severe political twist in the reform of primary schools in Finland.

Initiatives taken by parliamentarians in 1962 and 1963 concerning primary schools came before the Parliamentary Committee on Education in 1963.

“Member of the Agrarian Union Olavi Lahtelan the wish initiative was said to be the best. The basis was written by Antti Henttonen, ”says Arja Suursalo-Henttonen.

The framework law on primary schools was approved by Parliament in 1968. In 1972, the implementation of primary schools began.

Teaching Adviser Antti Henttonen was born in Antrea, Karelia, on March 3, 1922. In the autumn of 1939, he began his seminary studies in Sortavala.

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The Winter War broke out in November.

Henttonen’s studies did not continue until after the Continuation War at the seminars in Ranua and Kajaani, as Sortavala had remained on the Soviet side in the war.

Henttonen started as a teacher in 1947.

Antti Henttonen, who has waged two wars, is a lieutenant in the reserve. One day of the Winter War, he remembers others more closely and terribly:

“The Russian military patrol came to Vitsaari. They tried to drive us away, but we did not leave, but did the opposite. That’s when I had to kill a Russian man. He tried to shoot me, but I’ll have time sooner. ”

Henttonen has told of an incident in Vuoksi, Vuoksi, 10 days before the end of the Winter War Sotaveteraanit.fi website in the interview:

“I had time to shoot him and he stayed there. The next morning we went to see this enemy I shot and the boys said afterwards that I said ‘maybe someone would miss him at home too’. The dead enemy turned into a human in it. It was the morning of March 3rd. I turned 18 that day. ”

Henttonen took the gas mask and his bags with him when he fell. It was his 18th birthday present.

Antti Henttonen spent his 18th anniversary on the war front in a dramatic atmosphere.

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