HS Gallup | The center is to blame for the government’s difficulties, according to 38 percent of Finns

The majority of Finns hope that the government will continue its work despite the lack of trust.

38 percent Finns are of the opinion that the government’s difficulties are primarily the fault of the center of the ruling party. This is clear from a recent HS opinion poll.

The last fall of the government has been controversial. The parties have argued publicly about, for example, nature restoration, the Sámi Assembly Act, the value-added tax and, most recently, the Nature Conservation Act.

Finns were asked which government party they think is primarily the cause of the difficulties. Almost two fifths, 38 percent, responded to the center.

The second most popular answer option was “all together”, which was chosen by 20 percent of the respondents. Two percent think that no party is to blame.

In the opinion of 12 percent, the difficulties are the fault of the Greens, and 11 percent think that it is the fault of the Sdp. Nobody thought that the primary cause was the Left Alliance or Rkp.

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In the opinion of the overwhelming majority of supporters of the SDP, the Greens and the Left Alliance, the center is to blame. The supporters of the centre, on the other hand, mostly thought that the culprit was all together, the greens or the Sdp.

Last in the past, there has been a debate from time to time in the public about whether the government is about to fall.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) said that the government will remain standing despite the fact that the center slipped into the opposition’s bandwagon in handling the nature conservation law. However, Marin said that “this was the last time”.

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The board’s internal trust has been put to the test. For example, the Minister of Environment and Climate Maria Ohisalo (vihr) criticized the center on Wednesday for the fact that the breach of trust is very serious.

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The majority of Finns, 61 percent, hope that the government will continue its work despite the lack of trust. 24 percent, or about a quarter of the people, hope for the government to fall. 15 percent could not express their opinion.

Among the supporters of the six largest parties, only the majority of supporters of basic Finns, 64 percent, hope for the government to fall. The majority, 56 percent, of the supporters of the coalition of the other opposition party also hope that the government will remain standing.

Government term there are only a few months left. Parliamentary elections will be held at the beginning of April. The majority of Finns trust the government’s ability to manage Finland’s affairs until the end of the government term.

55 percent of citizens are confident. 32 percent of Finns do not trust the government’s ability. 13 percent of the respondents could not express their opinion.

The Finns were also asked whether the internal lack of trust in the government has affected their perceptions of politics. According to the respondents’ own assessment, most of them have had no effect. A third think that the government’s actions have weakened their perception of politics.

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This is how the research was done:

  • The research material has been compiled in the Kanava internet panel used by Kantar Public from 2. to 7. December 2022.

  • The total number of interviews is 1,029. The sample was formed by multi-stage stratified sampling.

  • The margin of error of the research results at the level of the entire material is at most about 3.1 percentage points in each direction.

  • The group of participants in the study represents the population of our country between the ages of 18 and 79, excluding those living in the province of Åland.

  • The study was carried out by Kantar Public on behalf of Helsingin Sanomat.

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