HS-Gallup | Majority of citizens still satisfied with Prime Minister Marin’s actions in dealing with the epidemic, very satisfied

Research director: “The figures now measured for Sanna Marin and Sauli Niinistö are still exceptionally high for politicians.”

Finns are still quite satisfied with the actions of both the Prime Minister and the President on matters related to the coronavirus, although the share of very satisfied citizens has decreased since last spring’s figures.

According to a recent HS poll, the prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd) action raises satisfaction with 66 percent of the president Sauli Niinistö 75% of respondents.

At the beginning of the corona epidemic last March, 39 per cent were very satisfied with Marin, but the proportion has been steadily declining. According to the latest survey, 21 percent are now very satisfied.

Citizens views on the work of the prime minister and president and other current issues were asked at the turn of january-february. It has been reported in the past, for example attitudes towards coronary vaccinations.

According to the survey, 45% are quite satisfied with Prime Minister Marin’s actions in the fight against the coronavirus. 31 per cent are now very satisfied with Niinistö’s work, and 44 per cent are quite satisfied with it.

Less than a third are dissatisfied with Marin.

Compared to Until March last year, when the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic struck Finland, satisfaction with the actions of both the Prime Minister and the President has waned.

The share of those who are very satisfied with Marin has decreased somewhat more than Niinistö’s.

“Satisfaction with both has remained quite strong, although the debate over the coronavirus has sometimes been about substantial financial gains rather than fighting the virus,” estimates the research director. Sakari Nurmela Kantar from TNS.

“Nor can the disease situation be said to have eased, especially after the virus variants landed. In addition, it is good to remember that Finland has lived in exceptional circumstances for almost a year. ”

Against this background, Nurmela still considers the figures measured for Marin and Niinistö to be exceptionally high for politicians.

Prime minister expects the most recognition from its own. More than half of the Social Democrats, or 53 per cent, said they were very happy with him. This is the opinion of 42 per cent of the supporters of the government partners, ie the left-wing allies, and 41 per cent of the Greens.

Of the parties, the majority of opposition Finns and the majority of professional entrepreneurs have a negative attitude towards Marin.

29 per cent of basic Finns are not very satisfied with Marin and 46 per cent are not satisfied at all. The corresponding proportions for entrepreneurs are 36 and 19 percent.

Opposition party the Coalition’s supporters’ attitude toward Marin splits into two camps. Their majority, 55 percent, are at least fairly happy with his actions, while 44 percent say the opposite.

Niinistö’s activities are also valued throughout society. He receives the most praise from members of the Coalition Party, 93 per cent of whom said he was at least fairly satisfied with him.

Eighty-four percent of downtown members said the same, and 76 percent of Social Democrats. 72 per cent of the Greens are satisfied with Niinistö’s activities.

This is how the study was done

Kantar TNS conducted the study on behalf of Helsingin Sanomat. The research material was collected on 29 January. –3.2.

The total number of interviews was 1,063.

The research material has been compiled in the Gallup Channel internet panel. The research sample was formed by multi-stage stratified sampling.

The sample of the study represents the population of Finland aged 18–79, excluding those living in the province of Åland.

The margin of error of the study is about three percentage points in its direction.


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