HS follows | The handling of Hyvinkää’s death is completely concealed: the 91-year-old is accused of murdering his wife

Home care workers found the body of an elderly woman in her home just a few days before Christmas.

Friday morning In Hyvinkää, they started to deal with an extraordinary case of death. A 91-year-old man from Värnkää is accused of murdering his elderly wife. The death happened a few days before Christmas at the couple’s home.

The district court of Itä-Uusimaa ended up completely secreting the proceedings, which means that the trial will be held behind closed doors. Salaam had been demanded by both the defendant and the parties concerned, i.e. the victim’s relatives.

According to the president of the court, Karri Koskenkorva, the encryption requirements were justified. During the trial, information related to both the defendant’s and the victim’s private life, health, or social care clientship is extensively discussed.

At issue are exceptional murder trials, because the defendant is not in the courtroom to answer the charges, and he is not heard via video connection either. The accused is represented in court by a procedural guardian.

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This is a rare situation, as typically persons accused of such a serious crime would be brought directly from pretrial detention to be heard in court. However, due to health-related reasons, such an exception arrangement is possible.

The accused could not be heard during the preliminary investigation by the police either. So he has not once shared his own view of the events during the investigation or prosecution.

Death was revealed when home care workers arrived to visit the home for the elderly on December 21. They found a murdered woman and her spouse in the house.

In the trial, at least what was the method of killing will be revealed. The police have not disclosed the details of the act during the preliminary investigation. The head of the investigation advocated the most serious possible crime Tero Tyynälän according to the raw and cruel violence used in the act.

The motive for the act has also not been clarified. It is possible that the motive will not be revealed during the trial either, if the defendant cannot be interviewed in any way.

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