HS Espoo | Why haven’t the charred ruins of the burned chapel been demolished in Espoo? “It’s been over a month, so there must be a reason”

The traces of the fire have not yet been cleaned up, even though it is already a month since Perkka was suspected of arson.

Espoo resident Reijo Hutka was surprised as he cycled past the chapel in Perkka, which was destroyed in a fire on Sunday.

The fire that broke out on April 14 left a sad vision behind. The remains of the most log-built chapel, completed in 1929, are mostly black charred ruins.

Hutka wonders why the scene has not yet been cleaned up.

“I was a little confused that nothing has been done. However, more than a month has passed, so there must be some reason that it has not been cleared and cleaned up. Of course, the fences have been put there to protect, ”he thinks.

The ruins of Perkka Chapel are still unexplored. The future of the plot is still unclear.

Leppävaara the parish pastor Kalervo Salon according to there are two reasons for the delay in cleaning.

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One is investigative. Police are investigating the fire in the Chapel of Perkka as arson.

“Another reason is that negotiations with the insurance company have been ongoing. The premise is, of course, that the insurance company pays for the cleaning costs, but making a decision takes time. Of course, the clutter is gradually cleaned up and the area cleared, ”he says.

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This moreover, the congregation has not seen that there is any special rush for cleaning. The future of the plot while still unclear.

There are several options. A new building for the parish could be built to replace the burnt chapel. The parish could also look for a suitable partner with whom to design a new building.

“However, no kindergarten or apartment can be located so close to Ring Road I. Yes, jobs and everything else that is not housing or a kindergarten activity for children. ”

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Another possibility would be that the plot would no longer be used for parish activities at all. The parish could save and reduce the number of offices at the same time, or another alternative place for the parish could be sought in Perkka.

“Those options have been spun around. At this stage, there is no idea yet which of the options will be the final solution. ”

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In a fire a significant amount of chapel furniture, including the sculptor, was destroyed Ville Vallgrenin carved into a crucifix. Vallgren’s most famous works are probably Havis Amanda on the Helsinki Market Square.

Painter Anna Sahlsténin however, his work of art was saved.

“Originally, when you looked at the smoky ruins, there was an idea that it must have been destroyed. But when it came to watching, it was in pretty good condition. It was behind the glass, and apparently the glass had protected it from the heat. ”

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According to Salo, the small damage suffered by the work can be repaired.

The Leppävaara parish is currently collecting memories of the Perkka chapel. Memories can be both stories and pictures. Memories can be sent on the parish website through the form provided.

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