HS Espoo | What the hell is Etäniemi? The students made a fuss at Ring Road I.

The sign indicating the direction of Otaniemi was changed to Etäniemi. The traces lead to a student icicle competition.

15.3. 13:16

Perimeter I motorists may be confused by a sign that directs them to a place that is not really found in Finland.

This is Etäniemi.

In reality, the purpose of the sign is to direct you to Otaniemi.

However, someone has gone to change the sign from the letter O to the letter E and added a score to the letter A.

Espoo traffic control manager Antti Savolainen thinks that the changes to the sign have been made by gluing the original letters over the stickers. The bifurcating points of the letter Ä may be drawn with a marker.

The modified sign is located on Ring Road I, just before the intersection of Kalevantie and Maarintie. The sign is attached to a bridge for light traffic.

“It’s been surprised to craft it,” Savolainen thinks.

This is not the first time that the traffic control manager has been notified of Otaniemi.

“There have been various rapes in the Otaniemi area over the years,” says Savolainen.

The Aalto University campus is located in Otaniemi.

Last year around this time, colleges switched to distance learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. Distance learning continues and there is no end in sight.

In light of this, changing Otaniemi to Etäniemi is appropriate.

In addition, the Otaniemi iceberg competition is currently underway, in which students can participate with different teams. The purpose of the competition, according to its website, is to “benevolently produce joy for oneself, the target of the ice and the general public”.

Whatever you think of the rumble, the sign will probably be restored soon.

According to Savolainen, Ring Road I is a state-managed road, so the Uusimaa ely center will repair the sign.

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