HS Espoo | What got the habit of helping the people of Espoo to the forefront? Tiina Kaakkunen now talks about “active grief”, which is why she is gathering help for Ukrainians

Even a diaper package or a sleeping pad is important, says an Espoo resident who collects goods in Ukraine.

Espoon The doorbell of Tiina Kaakkunen, who lives in Laaksolahti, rings during the interview, and a woman on the move with her prams brings supplies to Ukraine in her bag.

Among other things, the bag has a baby blanket that can be wrapped around a small one to warm up.

Kaakkunen posted a notice to the district group over the weekend about helping the victims of the war in Ukraine. Since then, he has received numerous messages from ordinary people who want to help. Many were coming on Monday and Tuesday to bring their throbbing to Kaakkunen’s door.

“I think it’s important that we don’t paralyze, although of course emotions rise and weep. I myself have fallen into the eye in recent days and the war has come to sleep, ”says Kaakkunen.

“Grief can also be active.”

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Many are over the weekend felt guilty about doing nice when people in Ukraine are in need.

In Kaakunen’s opinion, it is important to maintain our ability to rejoice in small things in this creepy situation, because it maintains our ability to function and helps us to cope and help.

“Of course it is allowed to feel, but it is important to continue living and acting where possible. Yes, we can rejoice that the sun is shining. ”

Kaakkunen collect this batch of goods until Tuesday afternoon.

“Because I have the opportunity to collect and export stuff, I do it. Others will then continue. There will be a good chain reaction. ”

According to Kaakkunen, there is already enough clothing for this load, but there is a shortage of food, diapers, sanitary napkins, sleeping pads and bags, tents, warm blankets, infant formula, backup power supplies and flashlights.

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Multi finds it a good practice to donate through major aid organizations.

Kaakkunen understands this and recommends it, but he himself feels that he wants to do something concretely. That’s why he takes the supplies bags and in turn drives them forward on Facebook Operation Hope -group members, who set out to transport aid to their destination. Local supply chains have emerged in various parts of the world.

“The world is so confused that we have to move clearly and actively to the side of the good. People can still believe in the good when they experience the help and care of ordinary people. ”

Concrete help has brought Kaakkusen a huge amount of goodwill, which arises from meeting people who help.

“There have been a lot of smiling valleys at my doorstep who say thank you for helping and wishing you a wonderful day.”

Many have wondered, dare to bring a little. Kaakkunen says that it really does. A single diaper package or sleeping pad will help.

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“Small streams become a big stream. Thank you to everyone who has brought or is bringing me goods. ”

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