HS Espoo | Were trees in good condition felled sadly from the shores of Espoo? The eye-catching stack is something completely different, the city replies

The city of Espoo has felled individual trees in poor condition near the shores of Toppelund. No tree will be felled without grounds and a plan, the head of the nature conservation unit emphasizes.

Espoo On the edge of the Toppelund public car park in Haukilahti is a stack of trees felled by the city. The wooden stack is covered with a snow sheath.

The HS reader who passes the place every day has been wondering for weeks about the good condition of the felled trees.

The reader is annoyed: he thinks that felling trees could have been avoided.

No stray wood has hit his eyes. According to the reader, even the stumps of felled trees are in good condition.

The announcement tied to one tree trunk was also surprising. In it, the city says it is felling “individual, dilapidated trees” in the area.

Nature conservation unit master Kati Tuura The city of Espoo says that the stack of wood wondered by the reader is one of the city’s wood storage places. It is located in Toppelund, by the beach.

“Because it is a storage site, felled trees may have been brought there from more than just this area,” Tuura says.

Mostly birch is stacked near the beach.

From the top of the stump or individual trunk, it is not necessarily possible to say in what condition the tree has been before felling.

“All the trees in this particular stack already have some degree of rot or the tree is otherwise obsolete. This pile is going to be an energy tree, ”says Tuura.

Forest management work in the area is described in information leaflets affixed to individual trees.­

Any According to the city, wood is not felled without justification: the city of Espoo has an operating model for forest and meadow management, on the basis of which measures are planned. The Technical Board shall confirm the plans.

For example, the Toppelund area is part of the South Espoo Nature and Landscape Management Plan and is part of its established measures.

“When it comes to a place that is really relevant to the townspeople, as in this case Toppelund is, its management plans and measures are reviewed with particular care. The goal is always to keep the area’s trees viable and comfortable, ”says Tuura.


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