HS Espoo | Viveka Forsström wondered why her child’s hands are cold – That’s when kindergarten problems were revealed that parents were not told about.

The Kalajärvi kindergarten in Espoo has icy beers. “A sad case,” says one mother living in the area.

Kalajärveläinen Viveka Forsström is angry.

He has just taken his two- and four-year-old children to the Kalajärvi kindergarten in Espoo and heard that the heating in the building is not working.

The heating hasn’t worked for many days, but the kindergarten has kept the children’s parents in the dark about it.

For days now, children have been freezing in kindergarten.

“A sad incident,” Forsström says on the phone on Thursday.

Fault has been around for almost a week now. A week earlier, in mid-January, daycare nurses had transiently reported that there had been less than 15 degrees in the workplace in the morning.

Forsström had not thought about it any more then. Maybe it was some transient fault, he said then.

After that, Forsström’s four-year-old child had complained of freezing in kindergarten, and the younger child’s small hands had been quite cold when the parents had gone to pick him up at home.

“A nurse met her cold and a blanket on. He said that the heating has not worked for many days, ”says Forsström.

“The floors were ice cold.”

In addition, the nurses had told Forsström that the water supply had been interrupted.

“They haven’t been able to wash children’s bumps, for example.”

For Forsström the kindergarten had not informed.

The kindergarten has a total of about 120 children. In the absence of information, parents have not been able to pack warm wool socks and clothes according to the children.

“I thought it might be legal for children to be cold. They should almost have hats and gloves indoors, ”says Forsström.

Forsström opened a discussion on the topic in the Facebook group of the Northern Espoo Residents’ Forum.

Commentators say the adjacent group family daycare suffers from similar problems.

“On Monday, the temperature in the group family daycare center was between 10 and 12 degrees. Fortunately, yesterday “already” 17 “, commented one user.

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Forsström is concerned about diseases that may result from constant cold.

“Pretty shocking to put it bluntly. This can lead to urinary tract infections, for example. And during Korona, even a small flu has to be tested. ”

Now Forsström wonders whether the children should be taken to the grandmother for treatment. Because of the coronavirus, it is also not an attractive option.

Espoo director of early childhood education Virpi Mattila send an e-mail to HS on the subject.

“The reason for the drop in temperatures has been a fault condition in the district heating heat exchanger,” the City of Espoo’s Tilapalvelut business release says.

According to the release, a temporary hot water tank will be installed for hot water on Thursday, January 21st. According to the release, temporary radiators will also be brought to the kindergarten on Thursday.

The city of Espoo service production manager Taneli Kalliokoski says the extent of the fault only became clear on Thursday.

“Last week, Kalajärvi Kindergarten became a service request that there are cold radiators. That’s when HVAC types ran frozen pipes elsewhere in the opening, and it wasn’t understood that this was a critical issue, ”he says.

Kalliokoski admits that the heating problems of Kalajärvi Kindergarten should have been addressed earlier. The kindergarten could not inform the parents about the problem because the extent of the problem was not clear before.

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