HS Espoo | This was where the pulsating core of the metropolis had to rise – the center of Espoo was about to rise in the middle of the historic field

The current center of Espoo was created in this historic landscape of Muurala, Kirkkojärvi and Suna, among others, with Bemböle as the original alternative location. Pictured are the countries in the region in 1968. On the right is Lagstad School. The car is a Plymouth Valiant.

Initially, officials and politicians mediated the administration of the countryside not only in Bemböle but also in Nihtisilta, Tapiola, Leppävaara and Kivenlahti, but increasing traffic, accelerated expulsion and emigration, and the proximity of the Helsinki border dictated otherwise.

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Where is the center of Espoo located? Both Espoo and expatriate people have been scratching their heads for decades.

Simply scratching your head has not even been enough. In Espoo, people were almost stuck in each other’s hair when politicians and officials in the early 1960s argued over where the administrative center of the countryside, the future commerce and the city would be built.

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