HS Espoo | The unexpectedly displayed traffic sign guides cars among pedestrians in Espoo – “Care and safety must be observed there”

Due to the street renovation, exceptional arrangements were made in Saunalahti. The HS reader was concerned about the safety of the occupants.

Traffic sign guides cars among walkers and cyclists on the Saunalahti Compass Route.

This is a temporary arrangement related to ongoing street renovations in the area, says the project manager Markus Juusola Espoo City Technology Center.

“There are narrow streets there and in order for the municipal engineering work to be carried out safely, the streets have had to be closed completely. That is why there has been a need to temporarily divert traffic to the Compass Route. ”

Helsinki The messages were contacted by a reader who was concerned about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the Compass Route. He hoped for signs on the street that would warn passers-by that cars are now moving on the street as well.

According to Juusola, warning signs have already been installed on the routes.

Juusola hopes that motorists, cyclists and walkers will now move carefully on the Compass Route.

“The route is now shared. Care and safety must be observed there. ”

Within the precincts of ongoing street renovations will continue with this outlook until May. Exceptions to the compass route are expected to continue until March.

“It has a lot of changing factors.”


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