HS Espoo | The sad owner is looking for his demented dog in Espoo: “Sometimes I think that Miska has gone on the biggest adventure of her life”

Miska, a mixed breed dog, disappeared from the home door of a family living in Nupuri on the evening of May Day. Its owner does not want to give up hope yet.

May Day the flow went well Liisa Hellbergin in the family in Nupuri, Espoo, as usual.

At 11 p.m., something happened that the dog owner would never have wished for.

The family’s 16-year-old Mixed-breed Miska dog escaped when the front door of the home was opened. No observations have been made since then.

Hellberg says the dog is deaf and demented and has poor eyesight. Physically, however, the dog is fit for its age.

Although it will soon be four weeks since the disappearance, Hellberg is still waiting for the dog to be found alive. He wouldn’t want to give up yet, and he won’t. Miska belongs to the family.

“Detective dogs will still be looking for Miska at least today. Escaped dogs can sometimes travel long distances, ”Hellberg told HS on Friday.

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He posted ads about the missing dog on several Facebook groups. All tips have been reviewed.

Hellberg still hopes that people will also report their older sightings either to him or to Viikki Discovery House.

The owner is grateful for all the search assistance he received. Miska has been searched many times by volunteers.

“It has felt great to notice that people really want to help. I have even been contacted since Kuopio and asked how I have managed and done, ”says Hellberg.

Dog came to Hellberg as a puppy at the age of 3.5 months. Dementia has changed its nature over time. In the past, the peppery and macho has become a playful and happy family dog, one that gets decent guys.

Hellberg knows that the nature of a dog on the run can change when it is out of its herd.

“However, it is hard to believe that Miska has become fearful during this time. It’s a beer that’s cheerful and playful, but lives as if in its own bubble, ”Hellberg describes.

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If Miska is still not found in spite of everything, she hopes the dog would not have had any trouble.

“I sometimes think that Miska has gone on the biggest adventure of her life, and that it’s good to have it now.”

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