HS Espoo | The beer of the Espoo brewery has a strange selling point: Water is fetched in canisters from Bodom’s “murder yard”

The water of Lake Bodominjärvi is used in the production of the metal band Children of Bodom’s title beer.

Fat Lizard -brewery’s refrigerator in Otaniemi, Espoo, has a pile of canisters that read murder water.

The water is by no means special, it is ordinary Finnish lake water, but it has a special story. It has been fetched from Lake Bodominjärvi, the so-called murder court, where three young people were killed in 1960. Murder is perhaps Finland’s best-known unsolved crime.

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However, the water stored in the refrigerator of the Espoo brewery is only indirectly related to the murder of Lake Bodominjärvi. The water is used in the title beer of the metal band Children of Bodom called Lake Bodom Lager, which went on sale in the spring of 2019.

Lake Bodom Lager beers went on sale in the spring of 2019.­

In December Children of Bodom, which ended in 2019, has taken advantage of the mystery associated with Bodom’s murder mystery in the band’s name. Therefore, it seemed natural that Lake Bodominjärvi is also involved in the band’s title beer, says the creative director of the Fat Lizard brewery. Topi Kairenius.

“The band wanted their own beer and they wanted to make it with a local brewery. So we set out together to think about what kind of beer would be made. ”

The brewery’s people and the band members met at the Gallows Bird beer restaurant in Niittykumpu and tasted different styles of beers. The idea arose at the meeting that some of the water used to make the title beer could be fetched from Lake Bodominjärvi.

“We wanted to stand out from other band beers that may not be that personal. From the beginning, the band’s guys were involved in planning the recipe, tasting the beer and also canning it in 2019, ”says Kairenius.

Now there are already several water search trips to Lake Bodominjärvi. On average, water has been fetched 3-4 times a year. The drums of Children of Bodom have also been involved in the search trips Jaska Raatikainen as well as a keyboard player Janne Wirman.

When the lake is melted, water is taken in canisters from the shore. If the lake has been icy, there is an opening made a short distance from the shore from which the water has been lifted.

At one time, 60–180 liters of water have been extracted from the lake.

The share of water in Lake Bodomin in beer is mainly symbolic. Lake Bodom beer is currently brewed at about 12,000 gallons at a time. A few tens of liters of water raised from the lake is used in one cooking session.

“Enough that there is water there,” Kairenius sums up.

The water of Lake Bodom is treated before it is used in the production of beer.

About 60–180 liters of Lake Bodominjärvi water has been fetched at a time.­

Lake Bodom beer was launched in the spring of 2019. Much has happened since then.

Children of Bodom ceased operations in late 2019. The founding member of the band, guitarist-singer Alexi Laiho died in December 2020.

However, the band’s title beer has been kept in Fat Lizard’s selections despite everything that happened.

Children of Bodom is licensed to a company owned by three former members of the band. Fat Lizard has a contract with that company for Lake Bodom beer.

“When the band broke up, we also thought about the future of beer. We noted that Children of Bodom has a long history and they have left a significant mark on their own genre. Even though the band no longer exists, its music and beer will remain, ”says Kairenius.


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