HS Espoo | “Thank you Markku” – Heidi Vidgren from Espoo lost her wallet on the bus, but then the driver’s moving insight made thousands of people sensitive

Even at home, Heidi Vidgren didn’t even notice that her wallet was lost. Then a text message came from the bus driver.

Espoo resident mother of the family Heidi Vidgren traveled home on his familiar bus line on Saturday night.

Everything went as usual, but at some point Vidgren’s wallet slipped on the bus bench. Vidgren did not notice the wallet falling, but got off the bus and walked home.

Did not go long after a text message rang on Vidgren’s cell phone.

“Hey! Here is the driver of line 111 Markku Siirtola, apparently you have dropped your wallet on the bus I drove. If the message came to the right person, then reply and arrange a place where you could search. Everything is probably safe. ”

Vidgren was startled by the message. He quickly checked to see if the wallet was really missing, and it was. The first reaction was panic: if your own wallet with your cards disappears, there will be a really big hassle and worry.

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“Then came the goose goose feeling! The wallet had already been found before I even noticed it was lost, ”says Vidgren.

Vidgren agreed with the driver that the wallet would be brought back to his home stop shortly before afternoon. It suited the driver well, as his shift was still going on and the route was following the same line again.

Soon As a hard-working decorator, Vidgren realized that his birth had a real good-natured story that could be shared with other people.

When the agreed time came, Vidgren filmed the arrival of the bus on his cell phone and uploaded the video to Tiktok. In connection with the video, he attached a screenshot of the text message he received from the driver. As a prelude to the video, Vidgren wrote with a heart: “Thank you Markku. #HSL #firstclassservice ” [ensiluokkaista palvelua].

The handover of the wallet at the stop went smoothly, and Vidgren praised the driver profusely. One outside bus passenger also praised the driver’s meritorious performance. The driver had deduced the contact information of the right owner of the wallet from the spectacle receipt found in the wallet.

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When Vidgren got home, he noticed that the popularity of the Tiktok video had exploded. The video about the everyday hero has already reached almost 50,000 likes and almost half a million views.

“Not all heroes use cloak”

Vidgrenin according to the incomprehensible popularity of the Tiktok video speaks for itself about how important people bus drivers are to ordinary people after all. It is sometimes forgotten in the midst of everyday gray.

“Indeed, some commentator summed up that not all heroes use cloak,” Vidgren says. There have been hundreds of moving comments.

Vidgren says he now values ​​his “own bus line” even more. He will also pay for his HSL monthly ticket with exceptional enthusiasm from now on. In addition, Vidgren sent separate feedback and thanks to Markku Siirtola for his work.

HS contacted Markku Siirtola, the hero driver of Helsingin bussiliikenne oy. The bewildered man said he was taken from massive online attention.

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“Of course the attention feels good. We are a bit of an invisible bus driver like this. You don’t get praise every day. ”

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