HS Espoo | Systematic vandalism of trees continues in Espoo – Is the “serial saw” now hitting young birches in the darkness of night?

The young birches planted along the Smuggled Roads in Kurttila, Espoo, are neatly sawn across the middle.

Someone has cut down trees planted last year on Salakuljettajantie in Kurttila, Espoo.

According to the reader of HS Espoo, near the intersection of Kallvikinkartano, the birches planted by the city last year have been sawn across both sides of the road so that they have been left hanging cut along the roadside.

The tops hang sadly towards the ground.

According to the reader, some of the trees of other species along the roadside had been left alone, and the peculiar vandalism has only been dismantled in the birches.

HS Espoo reported on the vandalism that took place in Tyrskyranta in Kivenlahti last week. There is a small area along the shoreline where as many as 14 trees have been cut neatly and systematically. The intention has apparently been to cause the death of the trees.

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The slicing reported last week was not the first time that trees have been vandalized in Espoo.

The vandalism was committed in May of last year in the Espoo City Garden Park in Vanttila, where three trees were sawn as vandalism over the weekend.

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Last September, HS Espoo also told of a case in Kauklahti, where someone sawed down several street trees planted along Bassenkyläntie and left the trees hanging from their tops – in the same way as now in Kurttila.

Birches have been sawn in half on both sides of the Smuggling Road.

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Can the vandal of Kurttila Smugglers’ Roads be the same person as those who sawed trees in Kauklahti or Vanttila last year?

“Nobody walks under the saw in the middle of a clear day”

Espoo city ​​green work manager Merja Myyry received information about birches sawn in Kurttila on Monday.

“The phenomenon, like previous acts of vandalism, is very unfortunate. It has had a certain systematic nature, and deeds have probably been planned for some time. It is possible that this is one and the same entity that manufactures these, ”says Myyry.

The trees are probably sawn at night.

“After all, no one walks under the saw in the middle of a clear day,” Myyry says.

Vandalism Six birches have been hit on Kurttila’s Smuggling Road.

The city has not yet reported a crime.

“Sawn birches have been planted last year and are still in the care of the contractor’s warranty period. We have reviewed the case with the contract unit. The trees will be renewed, but the renewal will probably go into spring, ”Myyry says.

I’m selling it is impossible to understand the motives of the author or authors.

According to him, cases where trees growing by the sea have been damaged in the hope of a better sea view are “sadly often”.

Now the sawn trees are located in a meadow area in a place where, according to Myyry, felling a tree or trees will certainly not affect anyone’s view.

“I don’t understand why you want to do such destruction. Maybe it’s about a person’s inner anxiety or something, ”Myyry says.

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