HS Espoo | Swimmers face fines on Espoo beach: Few people know not to park on an empty sandy field

It is almost impossible to find a parking space near the small beach. Many ignorant have ended up parking on an empty sand field and received fines.

Multi the motorist’s summer day at Lippajärvi beach in Viherlaakso has ended sadly, when a ticket has been waiting in the car’s windshield.

Near the beach is a large sandy field that has attracted unsuspecting parkers.

One of them is Lassi Liikkanen, who drove a week ago from Helsinki to Lippajärvi on Wednesday with his children. Parking was difficult to find. Parking along the streets was prohibited and parking areas were for private use.

There were cars in the park on the sandy field at the intersection of Viherlaaksonranta and Humisevanportti. There were no prohibition signs anywhere, so Liikkanen left her car on the field and headed for the beach.

“We were on the beach for maybe an hour. When we came back, everyone was fined, ”says Liikkanen.

“There came a feeling that the area was deliberately left unmarked. I think the ground could be banned. ”

Liikkanen says that he usually goes to Munkkiniemi beach with his children, where they can get there by bicycle. However, according to him, blue-green algae usually come to the shore of Munkkiniemi, which is why they decided to go further swimming.

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Lake Lippajärvi was already unknown to Liikkanen, which is why he had no information about parking arrangements in the area.

Unoccupied The sandy field is owned by the City of Espoo and parking is not allowed.

The Viherranta kindergarten has been demolished. The kindergarten is connected to Viherkallio kindergarten and their new, common building is located on Viherkalliontie.

Opposite the sandy field is also a large car park, which has previously been free and available to everyone. The car park has now been made private and is only available to residents of the adjoining apartment building.

Liikkanen thought the city could also arrange signage for car parks in the same way as for beaches. It would also be fair to set up a paid car park, he said.

Swimmers’ parking has also caused drills in Kuusijärvi, Vantaa, where cars are now left in the wrong places when there is no room in the parking area.

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Opposite the sand field, on the other side of Humisevanport, is a private car park.



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