HS Espoo | Subcooled water created an ice dam in Espoo with devastating consequences – The Fire Blade fishing route was like a bomb

The fishing road built on the Gumbölenjoki River in Espoo collapsed at several points. The collapse was caused by subcooled ice.

Espoo The Gumbölenjoki is home to a rare native species, the migratory trout.

To facilitate the spawning of trout and the life of fry, a fish pass was built last autumn.

Previously, the dam at Gumböle Manor prevented trout from traveling higher towards Nuuksio.

The fishing route planned from 2014 finally brought a change in the situation.

The length of the fishing path is about 200 meters and the width one and a half meters.

The purpose was that the migratory trout would be able to ascend along the fishing path toward the higher breeding grounds. It was hoped that the migratory trout would spread all the way to Nuuksio.

However, the forces of nature became the fate of the fishing route.

This winter, clot ice, or ice generated by subcooled water, formed clumps that clog the channel of the fishing route. The water packed behind the ice dam, and eventually it burst uncontrollably, squeezing in several places along the fishway.

Due to the flooding, rocks and soil are now here and there. The sight could be in the wake of the bomb.

“It is known that at this point the risk of coagulations exists. However, this is not anyone’s fault, ”says the fisheries expert Henrik Kettunen.

He works as a project manager in the Vaelluskala association.

Kettusen according to the formation of clot ice clumps could have been reduced or prevented by stoning a gutted gutter above the fishway, where the water can subcool.

If an ice cover is reached more quickly in the upper rapids, the fishway will not be pre-chilled. The ice cover insulates from frost and promotes the melting of the formed clots.

“The subcooling problem makes it easier because the ice cubes are starting to melt under the ice cover,” Kettunen says.

Another option would have been to break up the ice cubes mechanically.

Collapse despite nothing catastrophic has happened, Kettunen assures.

“For fish, this has no significant impact. If some fish wanted to get up, they could still get there. ”

Kalatien repairs should still be made before the fall, when rarer migratory pigs begin spawning.

In addition to migratory trout and whitefish, the Gumbölenjoki River is home to leatherback and eel. In addition, waders that are migratory roach have been found in the river.

Coastal river trout and migratory pigs are highly endangered, and eels are extremely endangered.

“They are rare gems in the fishing world,” says Kettunen.

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