HS Espoo | Strange incident on the Espoo beach: someone brazenly felled a tree from the vast seascape

In Espoo, trees are regularly felled without permission. A beautiful tree standing on its own a few weeks ago was cut from the shore of Koukkuniemi.

In Espoo Lived for 45 years Pirkko Schildt walks on the Espoo waterfront weekly. For years, he has admired one lonely tree that grew in the Koukkuniemi along the shoreline, almost on the water’s edge.

In early November, however, a nasty surprise awaited him. The tree was felled.

“The tree was small, maybe three feet high, but really beautiful. I often stop to shoot it as I walk past it. It was the only tree on that stretch of beach, ”says Schildt.

The tree was so small that it is difficult for him to understand how it could have harmed anyone.

“It’s annoying that it’s been poured. I would have loved to have it grow. ”

Western Passage wrote on the subject first.

The city of Espoo head of the nature management unit Kati Tuura confirms that the tree is not felled by the city. It was located on a city plot.

No trees should be felled in the area owned by the city, and no other forestry work should be done there. Still, it happens at regular intervals. According to Tuura, the city receives information on a few cases each year.

“Not all cases come to our attention. It depends on other residents or city employees whether they have time to observe these, ”says Tuura.

The small tree on the shores of Koukkuniemi reminded me – albeit in a small miniature – of the landscape of the African savannas, where one single, beautiful tree rises from the grass against the horizon, says Pirkko Schildt.

At the beginning of November, a changed landscape awaited passers-by in Koukkuniemi.

If near the houses felled, there is sometimes a suspicion that the tree was felled in the hope of a better sea view. According to Tuura, however, the case of Koukkuniemi is a bit strange, because the tree was small.

Does it anticipate that it will not grow too big?”He ponders.

On the other hand, the reason may be other, such as the mere desire to do frequent work.

“There are some of these in Espoo from time to time that we go just for ‘fun’ or for sports or for some other reason to cut down trees. After all, it is not always clear why these are being cut off. ”

City of Espoo often makes a criminal report of unauthorized dumping. There have been a few cases that have led to a criminal report this year.

According to Tuura, the worst so far this year has been the cutting of trees on Tyrskyvuori in Kivenlahti, Espoo.

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HS has also reported earlier this year, among other things From the felled trees at the Matinkylä roundabout mixed From the sawn street trees in Kauklahti.

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There is a sawn trunk left of the Koukkuniemi tree. The tree has been left lying on the ground.

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