HS Espoo | Someone binds the brakes of electric kickboards with cable ties in Tapiola

Electric kickboards have been subjected to a new type of vandalism in Tapiola, Espoo. The first observations were made two weeks ago.

Lined vandalism against electric kickboards has once again taken on a new form.

An HS Espoo reader says that someone or some have locked the parking brakes of electric kickboards in Tapiola, Espoo, with cable ties. The reader noticed the first cases of vandalism two weeks ago.

Vandalism has been committed at least on Voi electric kickboards.

Electric kickboard company Voi Technology is responsible for Finland’s operational activities Reetta Alastalo has not heard of similar cases.

“Until us, the knowledge of such vandalism has not come. There has always been occasional vandalism. Electric kickboards, for example, have been deliberately overturned, ”says Alastalo.

According to him, the vandalism that has now come to light will be investigated immediately.

“We’ll find out if it’s an individual case or a broader phenomenon.”

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Detached house does not believe that the ash is directed specifically at their company ‘s products, but at electric kickboards in general.

It is possible to investigate cases of vandalism with the help of surveillance camera material, among other things. According to Alastalo, butter has filed criminal reports of the kicking of electric kickboards when evidence has been available.

“Crime reports have been made, for example, when an electric kickboard has been thrown into the water. The perpetrators have also been caught and have had to compensate for the damage they have caused, ”says Alastalo.

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