HS ESPOO Like a knife-cut – The border shows the difference between winter maintenance in Helsinki and Espoo

There are differences in winter maintenance in Helsinki and Espoo. Plowing is done in different shifts, and Helsinki also uses a new type of brush salting method on some routes.

Helsinki on the side of the walkway it shines black and salted, but as if cut with a knife, a snowy swamp begins at the Espoo border. The picture sent by the reader shows the difference in winter maintenance in Helsinki and Espoo.

The picture taken at Lehtisaari shows how, after the Espoo road sign, the plowing of the walkway ends like a wall.

Why is this difference?

The difference between winter maintenance on the Helsinki-Espoo border is clear.­

The reason is that the City of Helsinki does plowing in several different shifts, says the temporary staff of the Espoo Street Production Manager. Leo Salo.

“We in Espoo only do plowing in one shift,” he says.

In Espoo, plowing usually starts at seven in the morning. Depending on the urgency rating of street plowing and the amount of snow, plowing is sometimes started earlier.

There is no co-operation on plowing on the Espoo-Helsinki border. When you reach the city border, the plow car turns around.

“Espoo and Helsinki do not have so many common borders that it would be worthwhile to cooperate more,” says Salo.

On the border there is another explanation.

Helsinki’s pedestrian and bicycle maintenance project manager Antti Takkunen says that a new brush salting method has been introduced at the end of Helsinki at Lehtisaari.

The starting point of the Helsinki brush salting route is in Lehtisaari on the border of Helsinki and Espoo.

“This is a new method that Helsinki has started to try relatively independently. This has not yet become a common practice. ”


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