HS Espoo | Lazy motorists drive in the oncoming lane in the middle of Espoo – “This is a strange phenomenon”

In Matinkylä, many motorists drive the bus lane in the wrong direction despite the no-go signs. “This is a strange phenomenon. We don’t know why it’s because of that, ”says the regional manager.

Motorists are singing about traffic signs in Matinkylä. Turning from the Gulf of Finland to Markkinakatu has been forbidden for years, but motorists are still driving in a forbidden direction, says a resident Karoliina Palmujoki.

He sees motorists driving in the wrong direction from his window every day.

“Suomenlahdentie has clear signs that it is not allowed to turn onto Markkinakatu, but they are simply not observed. Every day we have to work when buses work for motorists driving in the wrong direction. ”

The reason for reckless driving is probably laziness.

“Really, cars should be circling the other side of the indoor swimming pool site. Apparently only a lot of people can’t do it, ”Palmujoki reflects.

The North traffic communication specialist Elli Hiironen confirms that Nordic bus drivers encounter motorists driving in the wrong direction on a daily basis.

Pohjola traffic operates ten lines that run to the Matinkylä terminal.

From the Gulf of Finland, only the bus service of the connecting traffic terminal may turn onto Markkinakatu. The same applies to traffic from Markkinakatu to Suomenlahdentie.

“The area is reserved for the arrival and departure of the bus terminal, but it drives cars and pedestrians on a daily basis. This causes congestion, delays and also dangerous situations. ”

Problem is not new. In the spring of 2018, in addition to traffic signs, the city resorted to traffic controllers who supervised the turn onto Markkinakatu.

Despite traffic signs and guidance, some motorists still drive incorrectly on Markkinakatu.

“This is a strange phenomenon that has been going on for several years. From the city’s perspective, it’s pretty hard to say why it’s still driven wrong. There is nothing ambiguous about the traffic signs, ”says the regional manager Emilia Lehikoinen Espoo City Technology Center.

Lehikoinen hopes that the situation will be alleviated when the Tynnyritie, which leads from Markkinakatu to Suomenlahdentie, is completed this year. It will shorten the drive from Suomenlahdentie to Markkinakatu properties.

“Now the detour is quite long, which can affect motorists not being able to detour all the way. In the future, Tynnyritie is intended for passenger car traffic. It is hoped that motorists will switch to using it. ”

Turning directly onto Markkinakatu from Suomenlahdentie will continue to be reserved only for bus traffic.


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