HS Espoo | Katja Nikkari lives in the middle of nowhere, but can quickly get anywhere with her car: “This is the most authentic Espoo in my eyes”

Tapiola, Otaniemi and Keilaniemi, ie the garden city of the 1950s, a top university and the high office towers along the metro line, are often mentioned in celebratory speeches from Espoo. It is easy to forget that the roots of Espoo are somewhere else: in the countryside in the landscapes of old villages.

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Katja Nikkari and her brother Petteri Heiskanen were born in Helsinki, but moved to Espoo when they were under school age. They have lived in Finnsinmäki, Espoonkartano, for thirty years. “This is the most authentic Espoo in my eyes,” says Katja Nikkari.­

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“I am here from Espoo’s meadows. ”

So Janni Puhakka responds when asked where he is from.

In Espoo’s marsh forests, Puhakka means Finnsinmäki in Espoonkartano, on the western edge of the city. Here, in the middle of fields and forest landscape, Puhakka has grown. Here he also plans to build a house for himself – in the same courtyard where his parents, grandparents and uncle and his family live.

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