HS Espoo | It took more than a year to build one protective road in Espoo – The street construction manager now explains how it is possible

The shelter road construction site in Niittykumpu has been delayed by, among other things, an old concrete slab found under the construction site. The decision to build a protective road was already made in autumn 2019.

Offshore wind the long-awaited protective road is finally nearing completion. Construction work on the protective road began in the spring of 2020, so the protective road has now been built for more than a year.

The duration of the construction site has amazed the residents of the area.

The protective road should be in use in a couple of weeks, the street construction manager promises Markku Virtanen From the city of Espoo.

“The contractor will turn on the traffic lights on the roadway this week. It will probably be next week that the rest of the Rainwater Wells will be installed. Then the pedestrian lights still have to be switched on and then the guardrail can be put in place. ”

At the beginning of August, traffic lights were installed on the guardrail.

Protective road The construction of Merituulentie at Niittykumpu metro station was decided in autumn 2019.

Initially, the guardrail was supposed to be completed during 2020, but the journey took a turn. The portal to which the driveway signs were attached had to be moved from under the guardrail to another location. Surprisingly, an old concrete slab was found where the portal was to be moved, and plans had to be made again.

“We couldn’t hit the piles of the portal and we waited for the plan to change. That was the biggest reason for the site delay, ”says Virtanen.

To the sea wind It was decided to build a protective road at the eastern exit of Niittykumpu metro station, as people would straighten the metro over the busy Merituulentie to the bus stop. At first, the city tried to stop the crossers at the fence, but people circled the fence.

The protective road, which is now being completed, will speed up and facilitate the passage of pedestrians to Niittykumpu metro station.

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