HS Espoo | In the middle of Espoo there is a hot “Death Rock”, where hikers are warned about a 13-meter drop – According to the city story, the cliff is named after a tragic accident

According to Raija Terri from Helsinki, the cliff was known to the locals as the Death Rock as early as the 1960s. According to a rumor circulating among the locals, a skier would have died at the scene.

Espoo The Friisinkallio nature reserve is a popular outdoor area, and for good reason: In addition to the diverse forest, the area has, for example, an ancient beach and a beautiful open bog. From the lookout rock you can walk all the way to the center of Helsinki.

According to the information map, there is also a menacing-sounding Death Rock in the area. Is the place worthy of its name?

Drop at least it is dizzyingly steep.

There are no guardrails or fences on top of the rock, which is about 13 meters high, as it is a natural rock outside the marked route. The official nature trail runs under the cliff. Hikers are asked to exercise caution when moving upstairs.

The city of Espoo could not find anyone who knew the history of the place’s nomenclature. Death Rock is not the official name of the place, but it appears on the information boards in the area, for example. The cliff has also been passing that name in the mouths of locals for decades.

Death Rock is not the official name of the cliff, but it reads on the information boards in the area, for example.

Helsinki Raija Terri lived in Friisilä for more than 50 years. According to him, the high cliff of the Frisian Rock was known as the Death Rock as early as the 1960s, when he moved to the area.

At that time, there was a rumor among the residents of the nearby area that the place would have been named after a tragic accident. According to the story, someone would have been skiing on the cliffs, fallen down the cliff on skis, and perished at the scene.

The story was also told to new residents like Terri.

“I’m not going to say it would be true. It would be logical that it would have happened while skiing, because skiing has a faster pace. ”

The Death Rock was known by that name as early as the 1960s.

Terri suspects that this may also be an urban legend without a truth base or an urban story with a desire to warn children not to go to a dangerous cliff.

“There’s a really steep drop there, and it’s a pretty gloomy place anyway. The sun doesn’t shine much there. It may well be that children have been intimidated by the gloomy name. ”

Frieze rock The nature reserve was established in honor of Espoo’s 550th birthday.

About 6,000-8,000 years ago, Friisinkallio was an island on the northern slope of which the Litorinameri shaped an ancient beach that can still be seen. There is an illuminated outdoor trail in the area.



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